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Cold War: Vietnam 1945-1965 - French Participation Up To 1954
The Democratic Republic of Vietnam was recognized by Stalin and Mao in 1950.

Cold War: Vietnam 1945-1965 - French Participation Up To 1954

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One area studied in high school History is the Cold War, which lasted from the end of World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union. As a part of this, students will look at Vietnam and the involvement of the French in that country.

In 1945 the Japanese briefly installed a puppet ruler in Vietnam before handing over to the returning French. Who was this puppet?
Norodom Sihanouk
Bao Dai
Ngo Dinh Diem
Madame Nhu
There were plenty of ambitious Vietnamese keen to fill the power vacuum emerging in Vietnam. However the Japanese soon had to give way to the French
Ho Chi Minh was determined to establish an independent republic in Vietnam on Communist lines. What was the name of the guerrilla force that he created, and which operated mainly in the north?
Viet Minh
Viet Cong
Pathet Lao
Khmer Rouge
Ho was determined to use his irregular forces to drive the French out of Vietnam
Which line of latitude was chosen in 1945 as an initial boundary between North and South Vietnam?
The 17th Parallel
The 38th Parallel
The 16th Parallel
The 22nd Parallel
If Vietnam was to be divided, then an East-West line roughly half way seemed a reasonable boundary
Which French general arrived to take command in Vietnam in October 1945, having commanded Free French armored forces in the liberation of France?
De Gaulle
The French military were keen to avenge the defeat of 1940 with victory in the colonial war In Vietnam
By 1946 military command under Ho Chi Minh's overall leadership was held by a strategic genius - who was he?
Thich Tri Quanh
Nguyen Cao Ky
Nguyen Giap
Big Minh
North Vietnamese Communist forces operated as regular infantry divisions rather than as guerrillas. This same commander masterminded their operations against the Americans, ensuring their departure from Vietnam in 1973
In 1950 both the Soviet Union (under Stalin) and China (under Mao) recognized Ho's part of Vietnam. What name was given to this?
The Republic of Vietnam
The People's Republic of Vietnam
The Democratic Republic of Vietnam
The Popular Republic of Vietnam
Ho attached great importance to support from comradely Communist states, which provided not only recognition, but also arms and equipment
In January 1951 a new French commander arrived in Vietnam, only to leave at the end of the year, as he struggled with cancer. Who was he?
De Lattre de Tassigny
The French military were still determined to recover France's pre-war colonies
The French military command changed again in November 1951. Which general, later imprisoned with three colleagues for their attempted coup against De Gaulle over Algeria in the 1960s, replaced him in Vietnam?
There was no shortage of general officers in the high command of the Fourth Republic's army who were happy to take command in Vietnam - to salvage the French army's reputation
In March 1954 French forces suffered a shattering defeat at their substantial base in North Vietnam. Where was this?
Dien Bien Phu
Da Nang
Nha Trang
Cam Ranh
Political support in Paris was running out, and bad weather made it impossible either to leave or to reinforce this vast air and army base under sustained Communist attack
Between May and July 1954 peace talks among the various interested parties in the Vietnam campaign met in a European city to try to reach a final agreement, to which all sides could sign up. Which was this city?
It was widely believed that negotiations of this kind were best conducted well away from the actual fighting
Author:  Edward Towne

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