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Recording Ideas
A camera can be a useful tool for an artist.

Recording Ideas

This Arts and Crafts quiz is called 'Recording Ideas' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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As middle school students develop their skills and abilities in art and design, they will subsequently learn how to organize their ideas and record their experiences in order to inform their project planning and provide them with a bank of visual imagery which will support their art.

Which of these options would a collection of recorded ideas for a particular project usually show?
The artist's preferred color
The best way to stick things down in order
Which day the sketches were made on
The development of a process or refinement of an idea in stages
Pages in a sketchbook may be organized and laid out in order to show the inspiration or influence and how the artists has used or practiced that themselves
A sketchbook of recorded ideas will ultimately show one thing. What is it?
The best work an artist can achieve
Whether or not the artist has any talent
Which day the ideas were recorded on
The artist's love of the subject
Keeping a vibrant, inspiring and engaging sketchbook shows how much passion the artist has for their craft
How might a digital camera be useful to you as an artist?
You could use it to photograph the weather each day as you work
You could use it to take pictures of your family
You could use it to record the progress of your work through photographs
You could keep the camera safe in its box and never use it
You can also manipulate images with software, or take a photograph of a still life to compare it to your drawing
Which of these options best describes a good sketchbook page?
Crisp and clean and free of marks
An insight into an artist's ideas and intentions, as well as the influence of other artists
A photocopy of someone else's work
A long list of things the artist may do one day
Sketchbooks can be used for practicing new techniques, and showing how they may be applied to a piece of work
A series of sketches of the same item or inspiration might be what?
Identical in every way
Done only on a certain day of the week
Done from different perspectives or in different media
Done to fill in some time one day
Making sketches can help when it comes to work on the main artwork as they provide an idea of what works well
Where can't you use another artists image you found on the internet?
In notes in a sketch book
In a binder of stimulus material for your own use
In a completed piece of work or one which is available for sale
On a mood board you compiled to draw ideas together for a project
Artists and writers own the copyright for anything they have created. The images of artwork that you research on the internet can be used in your sketchbook as part of your secondary research, but they can't be included in your final piece unless you get permission
Which of these options is a good way to use another artist's work as inspiration?
Copy the whole work laboriously
Write to the artist for permission
Visit the artist to see more of their work
Use a small part of their work in order to practice the techniques they have employed
Choose a particular technique you like and practice it in order to use it in your own work
Which of these options best describes a complete sketchbook for a particular project?
It only contains four pages
It begins with inspirations, moves on to techniques and finishes with sketches for a finished idea
It contains only photographs
It is very dull to look at
Little scraps of color, annotated photographs, pictures, sketches, color work and media exploration are just a few ideas for a good sketchbook!
A sketchbook is ideal for recording ideas. Which of the following is not good sketchbook practice?
Making quick, annotated sketches of things which inspire you
Exploring media combinations and experimenting with processes
Sticking in pictures from artists you like and nothing else
Collecting images, photographs and media cuttings which follow the theme of your project
Good sketchbooks are bulging with ideas from all over the place!
Notes next to or on a sketch, diagram or photograph are known as what?
Annotations may focus on the date and time of a sketch, or how the artist felt at the time. They may also document the materials used or note the source
Author:  Angela Smith

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