Data Capture
A bar-code reader is an automatic method of data capture.

Data Capture

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Data Capture is all about collecting information, turning it into data and entering it into a computer. Capturing of data can be done in various ways; the best method depends on application.

Test your knowledge with this quiz.

The two methods of data capture are called .......
manual and automatic
manual and validated
paper and paperless
validated and verified
Which of these uses a manual method of data capture?
Bar-code reader
Filling in a questionnaire by hand
Supermarket laser scanner
Temperature sensor
If it involves writing it must be manual
Market researchers use questionnaires to get data .......
as the data needed might be hard to obtain automatically
as they can change the questions to suit the person
because it is more accurate
because it means they can meet people face to face
Questionnaires and data capture forms .......
always need someone to key-in the results by hand
are always paper based and have to be stored in boxes
can sometimes be made machine readable
have to be filled in completely or are not useful
Multi-choice answer sheets are often scanned by OMR
Which uses an automatic method of data capture?
A MICR can read magnetic ink on documents
Which is not a feature of automatic data capture?
Can be used in locations dangerous for humans
It is usually faster than manual data capture
It requires constant human supervision
It usually requires extra hardware
Data capture forms .......
need lots of graphics so people do not get bored
should ask for as much information as possible
should have a simple, easy to follow layout
should use the smallest size fonts to save paper
A simple and logical layout is very important
Data capture forms need careful design because .......
designers need to be kept employed
they reduce misunderstandings when being completed
they make the information more accurate
they make the information more reliable
Data capture forms need careful design .......
to make sure questions provide the required information
to make sure the right answers are given
to make the company look professional
to make the form look cool
The important part is to get the information required
How can you stop people giving long answers?
Ask people to give short answers if possible
Ask simple questions
Only give a small space for answers
Use single character boxes for answers e.g. 'y/n'
Responses should be restricted whenever possible
Author:  Duncan Daish

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