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Data Input 1
The most common input device is a 'QWERTY' keyboard.

Data Input 1

This Computer Science quiz is called 'Data Input 1' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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Scanners and microphones are two devices which input data into a computer. As a Computer Science student, you will know that before you can process data you need to get the data into the computer. There are various devices for this purpose.

Have a go at our first quiz on the subject of Data Input.

Input devices are .......
An input device can be classed as .......
manual or automatic
semi-automatic or fully electronic
manual or hydraulic
none of the above
The most common input device is a .......
concept keyboard
GKOS keyboard
MIDI keyboard
QWERTY keyboard
In central Europe Qwertz/Qwertzu layouts are common
Which is not a computer input device?
Barcode reader
Flatbed scanner
Laser printer
Joysticks are often overlooked but very common
QWERTY keyboards are so called because .......
it is the order of the keys on the first row of letters
it had to be called something
QWERTY means typewriter in Spanish
they were named after James Qwerty their designer
Touch screens are used for input at cash machines .......
because they are cheaper than keyboards/keypads
because they are faster to process data
because they are harder to reprogram than keyboards
because they are more robust than keyboards
Concept keyboards are used in restaurants because .......
each key has a word or easily recognizable picture
it doesn't matter if drinks get spilled on them
they can add the price of a whole meal without mistakes
they need little staff training to use efficiently
A mouse has movement sensors. These sensors .......
calculate where the cursor is on the screen
measure the movement of the mouse in two directions
detect the movement of the mouse versus the surface it is on
work out the direction and distance the mouse has moved
Photographers often edit their digital pictures .......
using a Graphics table
using a Photo tablet
with a Graphics lozenge
with a Graphics tablet
Editing digital photos on a Graphics pad .......
gives better quality results than a mouse
is easier and more accurate than using a mouse
is hard - Graphics pads are only used for CAD work
is more efficient than using a mouse
Graphics pad and graphics tablet mean the same
Author:  Duncan Daish

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