Data Output
A printer is a simple output device.

Data Output

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A monitor and printer are two devices for the output of data. The data has been Input, Processed and now it has to be Output. As with Input, there are various devices in relation to Output.

Test your knowledge on the subject of Data Output by answering the following questions.

Which could not be used to view output of a process?
Graphics tablet
A graphics tablet is an input device
A plotter produces 'hardcopy'. This means .......
it prints a copy which is hard to read
it prints a permanent copy
it prints on hard materials like sheet metal
it prints onto rigid paper which is hard to tear
Which is unlikely to be a suitable output device?
A monitor displaying the word 'Alarm'
A siren in a computer controlled alarm
Flashing lights in a computer controlled alarm
Lights and a siren in a computer controlled alarm
It is an ALARM! It has to attract attention
Which is not an advantage of a 'hardcopy'?
It can be viewed after the computer is switched off
It consumes expensive materials such as paper and ink
It is harder to corrupt after creation
It lasts after the computer is switched off
Hardcopy is a big expense in most companies
Which is an advantage of 'hardcopy'?
It can be recycled after use
It can remain accessible for decades
It increases the carbon footprint
It takes up lots of space to store
What is meant by 'softcopy'?
A cd which has melted
A digital document which cannot be printed
A paper printout which has got wet
An unprinted digital document
Softcopies are normally viewed on a monitor
Which is not an advantage of a 'softcopy'?
Can be transported between computers electronically
Digital files need careful storage if being archived
Easier to carry because they are not bulky
Easier to store because they take up little office space
New technology can make old data files un-readable
Which of these is not a simple output device?
CD-RW drive
Inkjet printer
CD-RW drives are both input and output devices
Which is not an output device?
Video projector
OMR - Optical Mark Reader
Select a device suitable for speech synthesis output.
Speech chip
Speech tablet
Author:  Duncan Daish

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