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Data Use
Loyalty cards are used by some shops.

Data Use

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Owning a loyalty card helps companies use our data in various ways. Of course, the whole purpose of data is ultimately to use it. Here is a quiz on data collection and use - maybe misuse - in shops.

See if you can answer the following questions correctly on Data Use.

Loyalty cards are used by some shops. To get a card .......
a customer must supply their name and address details
the customer buys a card from the shop
the customer just picks one up in the shop
the customer only need give their name
The card will be sent to the supplied address
When an application for a loyalty card is received .......
the shop adds name and address details onto a database
the shop loses it
the shop performs an identity check on the customer
the shop simply sends out the card
When buying something in the shop, the loyalty card is .......
given to the shelf filler
looked at by the checkout staff
usually asked for and swiped at the checkout
A swiped loyalty card sends details of a purchase and .......
the customer credit card number to the shop database
the customer ID to the shop database
the customer cell phone number to the shop database
the shop ID to the shop database
The shop builds up a record of customer purchases
Which is not an advantage of a loyalty card scheme?
It can act as a form of ID card
Shops can build a profile of a customer
Stores can offer customers personalized offers
The customer is usually rewarded with discounts
Building a customer profile could be a privacy violation
Bar codes .......
are easily read by the checkout person
contain product ID and can be read quickly by a scanner
contain product ID and price information
contain product ID and stock levels
Price and stock levels are stored on a database
EPOS stands for .......
Electronic Point Of Sale
Electronic Position Of Sale
Electronic Position Of Store
Electronic Program Operating System
EPOS systems scan a bar code at the checkout; then .......
the product ID is checked on the shop database
an itemized bill is printed at the checkout
the item price is returned from the database
All of these events
Stock levels are also automatically adjusted
Which of these is not an advantage to the shop?
EPOS can help to reduce fraud
EPOS results in better stock control, so less shortages
EPOS systems usually mean quicker service
In EPOS systems, more information is printed on the bill
The printed bill is really for the customer's benefit
What does EFTPOS stand for?
Easy Finance Trap at Point Of Sale
Electronic Finance Transfer at Point Of Sale
Electronic Finance Trick at Point Of Sale
Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
Although some of the other options might appear valid!
Author:  Duncan Daish

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