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Information (Reliability, Validity and Bias) 1
To find information on the internet you use a search engine.

Information (Reliability, Validity and Bias) 1

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Is it possible to test the reliability, validity and bias of information on websites? Information is everywhere - we are inundated with information from the moment we get up in the morning to last thing at night!

See how discerning you are by trying the following quiz about reliability, validity and bias of information.

The internet is a source of information. What is a URL?
A list of search results
A search engine
The address of a web page
The name of a web page
URL stands for .......
Un-identifiable Resource Locator
Uniform Readable Locator
Uniform Recycling Locator
Uniform Resource Locator
To find information on the internet you use a .......
search engine
web engine
Search Engines produce lots of results which .......
are nearly always written by experts in a subject
are usually not checked by anybody
can always be trusted
have always been checked by experts
Anybody can create a web resource about anything
Lots of web resources contain opinions. An opinion is .......
a statement which has no truth
an argument that can be proved
someone's point of view
the truth about something
The author may or may not have any real expertise
Some authors select information to favor a viewpoint.
This could mean their information is biased
This is normal practice and can be ignored
This means the viewpoint should be ignored
This is OK so long as the information is factual
Selection is normal - the important thing is to be fair
An opinion or viewpoint is biased if .......
it has anything to do with politics
I don't like it
it ignores facts which don't agree with it
it is based on facts which I don't agree with
Website resources are not likely to be biased if .......
the authors name is given
the author has a title like Dr. or Prof.
the web site has professional looking graphics
None of these
Sadly it's not that easy to tell. Sites should be validated
Which is not a good form of website validation?
Carefully entering the URL in the address bar
Finding what other sites are linked to a site
Looking up a domain name's WHOIS record
Using a search engine to check an author
Which of these is a fact?
All scientists believe in Global Warming
It always rains in Wales
London is the capital city of England
Sunderland is the greatest football team in the country
Be careful not to confuse a fact with an opinion
Author:  Duncan Daish

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