Information (Reliability, Validity and Bias) 2
The quickest way to find a resource on the world wide web is to enter a specific url in the address bar.

Information (Reliability, Validity and Bias) 2

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The concept of information is closely related to notions of communication, control, data, form, instruction, knowledge, meaning, perception and representation.

To hone your computer science skills, try our second quiz on reliability, validity and bias of information.

Different search engines .......
always produce different search results
often produce different search results
produce the same results just in a different order
usually produce exactly the same results
No search engine has information on every website
Many websites contain 'biased' information.
Caused because people interpret facts in different ways
This can always be avoided
This is always deliberate
This is usually easy to spot
People rarely make objective assessments of the 'facts'
Search engine results can be made more specific by .......
using fewer keywords and linking them with 'and'
using fewer keywords and linking them with 'or'
using more keywords and linking them with 'and'
using more keywords and linking them with 'or'
Search engines are useful because .......
they always find something interesting to view
they always find what we are searching for
they are free to use
they search millions of websites for what we want to find
Many websites contain 'biased' information because .......
some people set out to deliberately mislead
the authors have avoided personal opinion
the authors have carefully checked their facts
websites are created by people
People rarely check the validity of websites because .......
anti-virus software stops suspicious sites
information on the web is just as reliable as any book
it isn't really necessary these days
validating websites takes longer than just searching
Search engines can create long lists of 'hits'. A hit is .......
a site containing all the information being searched for
a site containing at least one of the keywords entered
a site containing reliable sources of information
a site containing some of the information you require
A keyword being found does not mean success!
Which do you think gives the least biased information?
A site ending
A site ending .com
A site ending
A site ending .org
Well at least we hope so!
When evaluating a website you should .......
not believe anything you read
not trust anything created more than five years ago
think critically about what you view
trust anything written by a teacher
Don't just accept what you see as 'true'. Question it
The quickest way to find a resource on the www is .......
to enter a specific url in the address bar
to get someone else to look for you
to randomly access sites
to use a search engine with a keyword
If you know the url it will take you straight there
Author:  Duncan Daish

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