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Multimedia Presentations
You could use a multimedia presentation to show others how to create an origami crane.

Multimedia Presentations

This Computer Science quiz is called 'Multimedia Presentations' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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A multimedia presentation is one that uses more than one medium. Text, sound, 'photos, animations, videos and interactive content are all forms that might be combined in the one presentation. 'Multimedia' seems to be a thoroughly twenty-first-century concept - it's so modern that you'd think it appeared in the last few years. You might be surprised to know that people have been discussing 'multimedia' since the 1950s! 'Multimedia' is often used to make presentations more exciting.

If you wished to be able to view (and use) a website during a presentation, what would you need to add to a slide?
When clicked, a hyperlink opens (or jumps to) a website, another file or document, or another slide in the same presentation
In a presentation, what are transitions?
The way slides follow each other
The way words appear on a slide
The way hyperlinks appear on the screen
The last slide in the presentation
There are lots of different transition effects like one slide covering the current one from the top of the screen, a spinning slide, dissolving slides or slides that push one another off the screen
Using too many different animations, sounds, images and other special effects in a presentation is likely to have which negative effect?
Distract from the presentation's message or meaning
Make your presentation take less time to show
Make your audience fall asleep
Speed up your computer
When creating a multimedia presentation, you should think carefully about the overall effect of your choice of colors, images, sounds and animations - too much variety can be very distracting for your audience
A presentation created using a software package, such as PowerPoint, will be made from what?
From multiple pages
From multiple slides
From multiple notebooks
From multiple disks
PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program used to get ideas across
If you would like to add special effects to the appearance of words or images, what do you need to add?
By adding animations, you can control how a word or image appears or disappears, or the order in which information appears; you can also use animations for emphasis, or just for fun
Which of the following can be added as a background to a slide?
A picture as background
The same background automatically for every slide
A background that is different from the other slides
All of the above
You may wish to create a presentation in which all the slides share the same design
For which of these could you NOT use a multimedia presentation?
To create a digital quiz
To show others how to create an origami crane
To work out the total cost of a surprise birthday party
For storytelling
A presentation package could not work out calculations on its own, but it could present the results of calculations by including tables, charts or diagrams
What is meant by 'multimedia'?
Using pictures in a presentation
Using exciting animations in a presentation
Using several different methods in order to communicate information, a message or an idea
Watching the television and using the Internet at the same time
A presentation which uses images, video, animations, sound and text would be one example of multimedia - this interactive quiz is another example
Which of these is NOT true?
The speed of animations and transitions can be controlled
Sounds cannot be added to transitions and animations
The direction of animations and transitions can be controlled
The type of animation and transition can be controlled
Sound is a very useful addition to a presentation
Which of these can you insert into a presentation?
Clip art
A sound file directly recorded into the presentation
A video clip
All of the above
You can provide narration for your presentation by directly recording your voice as you read the information from (or talk about) each slide
Author:  Sheri Smith

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