Processes 2
Flow charts are useful diagrams.

Processes 2

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Processes are often called tasks in embedded operating systems. In the world of computer science, procedures, controls and design are all important ideas in building computer programs.

Have a go at processing the following quiz!

Programs (or procedures) are .......
detailed instructions to do things in a particular order
detailed instructions which can be carried out in any order
plans which only make sense to computer nerds
too complicated to understand
Computers usually follow a sequence of instructions
Programs (or procedures) are created in which order?
Break into main tasks, create flow charts, write code
Break into main tasks, write code, create flow charts
Create flow charts, break into main tasks, write code
Write code, break into main tasks, create flow charts
Flow charts are a way of showing in diagrams .......
the steps needed to perform some process
a model of a solution to a processing problem
how data moves through a computer system
All of the above
There are many different types of flow chart
A rectangular box in a program flow chart shows .......
a decision
a process
an input
the start or end
Example: add 1 to counter
A diamond shape in a program flow chart shows .......
a decision
a process
an output
the start or end
Example: was the code entered valid yes/no
An arrow in a program flow chart shows .......
a feedback loop
an error situation which needs attention
an input or output of data is occurring
the flow of control is passing in the direction indicated
A counter value used in a program to trigger an action .......
is a bad idea
is acting as a condition
is acting as a control
is called a variable
Example: If Count = 50 then trigger 'FULL' sign to light
You take a ticket entering a parking lot and the barrier lifts.
This is an example of automatic control
This is an example of 'Cause and Effect'
This is an example of computer control
This is an example of 'Pay and Display'
The two occurrences are directly linked
Which of these is not an example of 'Cause and Effect'?
A dog sees a cat and the dog chases the cat
A stone is thrown into a pond and ripples appear
I am walking in the rain and my clothes get wet
The sun is shining and it starts snowing
Solving a problem by breaking it up into smaller tasks .......
is called 'Bottom-Up Design'
is called 'Top-Down Design'
is called 'Top-Heavy Design'
is called 'Top-Up Design'
Author:  Duncan Daish

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