Processing Text and Images 3
Typical editing tasks of photos include correcting the colors.

Processing Text and Images 3

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A scanner is one device for processing images. Images can enhance a document and give it much more of a visual impact. Images can be anything from a simple pencil sketch to a full color photograph.

See how much you have learned in our third quiz on Processing Text and Images.

Which cannot be used as a source of digital images?
Clip art library
Digital camera
Mp3 library
Mp3 libraries store digital music files
Imported images can be the wrong size and need .......
Typical editing tasks of photos do not include .......
correcting the colors
improving the image contrast
increasing the image resolution
making the image brighter
Editors cannot increase image resolution
Digital images on the internet .......
are always copyright free
are free to use so long as you acknowledge the source
are sometimes protected and require permission to use
can be used however you want in any document you create
Using protected images without permission is theft!
Images imported into documents often need cropping.
Cropping joins two images into one single image
It removes part of the image around the edges
It removes part of the image from the middle
This makes the image bigger
Cropping can help to focus attention on a single area
Before saving an image file you should make sure you .......
close the original image
delete the original image
have enough space to store it
select a suitable file type
For example: Can your DTP suite import this file type?
Color images can be converted into 'greyscale'.
Greyscale images contain shades of gray - no black/white
It means colors are converted into shades of gray
It means colors are removed before printing
It means the images will be of poorer quality
Greyscale images sometimes have more visual drama
Digital photographs are usually stored as what?
JPEG files are a form of bitmap
Image editing program special effects are often called .......
There are all sorts of unusual and creative effects
Clip-art is a term generally applied to .......
cartoon drawings
electronic illustrations which are copyright free
photographs which can be imported into documents
ready-made computerized graphic art
Clip-art is often charged for and covered by copyright
Author:  Duncan Daish

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