Processing Text and Images 4
Desktop Publishing (DTP) templates are useful for creating flyers.

Processing Text and Images 4

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Desktop publishing (also known as DTP) processes text and images. It combines a personal computer and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page layout software to create publication documents on a computer.

Test your knowledge in our fourth quiz on Processing Text and Images.

Text in a DTP is usually created .......
directly in a DTP in order to save time
in a CAD application and then exported to a DTP suite
in a spreadsheet and then imported into a DTP
in a word processor and then imported into a DTP suite
Word processing in a DTP suite is usually fairly basic
Images in a DTP are usually manipulated .......
directly in a DTP
in a graphics card and then imported into a DTP
in a graphics editor before importing into a DTP
in an image viewer and then transferred to a DTP
Image editing is best handled in specialist software
An advantage of DTP over word processing is .......
DTP applications are faster
DTP applications are more expensive to buy
DTP has greater control over page layout
DTP is what professionals use
Precise control is very important for a professional
DTP applications are 'frame based' which means .......
text and images are arranged on a framework
text and images are arranged on a grid
text and images are arranged on a grid called a 'frame'
text and images are contained in boxes called 'frames'
Frames can be dragged around .......
from one page to an adjacent page wherever you want
from one page to any other page wherever you want
No they can't! Frames are fixed in position once created
on the page they were created on but nowhere else
Which of these is not usually true of text frames?
Can be made in unusual shapes - not just rectangular
Can insert images into the text frame
Link together so text flows from one frame to another
They can be positioned in columns on a page
Text flow can be very useful when continuing a story
Which is not a reason for creating a DTP template?
Creating a master copy of a page layout for repeated use
For a document which will only be used once
Maintaining a consistent look to related publications
To save time - new layout can be based on an existing one
No point creating one if it won't be used again!
Templates might not be useful for creating what?
Hand-written documents
Web pages
Details that are constant are candidates for templates
Most DTP programs feature 'grids'. Grids are used .......
as a reference to place text, graphics and tables accurately
to create tables easily
to enable graphs to be drawn
to work out the coordinates of an object on the page
Some DTP programs allow the use of 'styles'. These .......
are designer looks - young, professional, glossy etc.
automatically make a publication look impressive
fix font type, size, color etc. used for text with that 'style'
make text more interesting to read
All text with that 'style' will have a similar appearance
Author:  Duncan Daish

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