What is ICT
DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc.

What is ICT

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Computer science consists of all technical means used to handle information and aid communication, including both computer and network hardware as well as necessary software.

Test your knowledge of computer science in the following quiz - What is ICT?

What is meant by 'Digital Data'?
Data represented by numbers between 0 and 10
Data which contains no errors
Information represented as 1s and 0s
Information represented as numbers
TV is increasingly broadcast using digital signals because .......
analogue TVs are old fashioned
broadcasters can offer many more channels
digital signals offer much better picture and sound quality
digital TVs are more reliable
Digital broadcasts offer more choice not better quality
Which is not used to input data into a computer?
Graphics tablet
Optical scanner
All computers Input data, ....... data and create Output.
Remember the stages: Input, Process and Output
Which is not a good reason to use computers?
They can do many jobs better than people
They can often save people from doing boring work
They do not make mistakes
They make people unemployed
General purpose computers can perform many tasks .......
because modern technology is very clever
because the electronic components are very small
because the processing chips are very fast
because they can be programmed in different ways
What does DVD stand for?
Digital Verifiable Disc
Digital Versatile Disc
Digital Voodoo Disc
Digital Volatile Data
Which is not used for general data storage?
Hard disk
Magnetic tape
Optical disk
Some equipment is described as 'Digital'. This means .......
it is better quality than normal
it is more reliable
it is more accurate
None of these
The label 'Digital' is often used to impress consumers
ICT stands for .......
Information and Communication Technology
Information for Communication Technology
Information for Computer Technology
International Computer Training
Author:  Duncan Daish

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