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Clothing Idioms
He was given the boot when he showed up for work.

Clothing Idioms

This English Language quiz is called 'Clothing Idioms' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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In middle school, many of your English lessons will be a review of what you have learned throughout grammar school. This is because language, any language, is a living and growing subject. Although the basic rules stay the same, new vocabulary words are always being added to it or older words find new meanings.

For example, the telephone now means a cell-phone or a mobile-phone, both words that did not exist 25 or so years ago. Besides being a living and growing subject people have a tendency to easily forget what they have previously learned so reviewing is what helps to keep our minds sharp and alert. Therefore, in this quiz we will be doing a little reviewing of idioms. Do you remember what an idiom is?

An idiom is a word or set of words that are used to express a figurative meaning rather than a literal meaning. For example, if you were to say, “He was caught with his pants down,” you would not mean that his pants were “literally” wrapped around his ankles. Instead, you would be saying that he was “caught by surprise” or “caught unexpectedly”.

Every language has its own set of idioms. The English language has many. Below are just ten examples of idioms that all have to do with clothing Can you guess the correct answer to show the true meaning of the underlined words?

He was given the boot when he showed up for work.
given a raise
given praise
given a lecture
When someone is given the boot it means that they were kicked out or fired. Answer (d) is correct
My grandfather would give the shirt off of his back to help anyone.
as little as possible
his clothes
If someone is said to “give the shirt off of their back”, it means that they would give generously, even down to everything they own. Answer (a) is correct
Alan’s mother inspected his bedroom with a fine-toothed comb.
tiny comb
great deal of care and attention
fierce look
slight glance
The use of the phrase “fine-toothed comb” means to give a great deal of care and attention to the matter at hand. Answer (b) is correct
Some new students need to be handled with kid gloves.
with force
with soft hands
with extra care
with laughter
To be handled with “kid gloves” means to be handled with extra care. Answer (c) is correct
He charmed the pants off the entire audience.
took the pants off
was critical of
happily persuaded
helped remove the pants off
To charm the pants off of someone means to happily persuade someone. Answer (c) is correct
He was hot under the collar after talking to the traffic cop.
really angry
When someone is referred to as being “hot under the collar” it means that they are really angry. Answer (a) is correct
Clearly the umpire is lining his pockets with that call.
sewing up his pockets
telling a lie
making a dishonest profit
evening up the game
The expression of “lining one’s pockets,” means to make a dishonest profit. Answer (c) is correct
She came completely decked out to the prom!
dressed fancy
dressed messy
When someone or something is “decked out” it means that they have gone all out or are dressed fancy. Answer (a) is correct
My little brother always seems to have ants in his pants.
ants biting him
a restless nature
stolen objects
dirty underwear
This is rather a funny way of saying someone is very restless. Answer (b) is correct
It’s amazing the meals she can make on a shoestring!
on a shoe rack
on poor quality plates
on one income
on a tight budget
Whenever the phrase “on a shoestring” is used, it means to be on a very tight budget. Answer (d) is correct
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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