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My boyfriend showered me with gifts.


This English Language quiz is called 'Metaphors' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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A metaphor is a word or phrase that is used to describe a person or object and in so doing makes an understood comparison; unfortunately, this 'understood' comparison is not always easy to understand. For example, 'Her sunny face was a pleasing sight'. Her face couldn't literally (in real) be sunny.

By comparing it with the sun, we understand that she was a pleasant person. Technically speaking, metaphors are figures of speech.

You may think that metaphors are not important to learn or understand. However, in everyday life metaphors are used extensively and so it's handy to familiarize yourself with them. You could always make up your own metaphors too and see if they catch on!

Do this middle school English quiz and see if you can find the meaning of the metaphors.

Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
'Necessity is the mother of invention.'
Someone's mother is a good inventor
Someone's mother has to invent something
Mothers are good inventors
If you really want to do something very much, you will think of a way to do it
Learn this metaphor - it's used quite a bit!
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
He's the apple of her eye.
He's like an apple
She would like to eat him because he looks like an apple
She adores him
She thinks he is evil
Perhaps she won't eat him
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
These children are rug rats.
The children are playing at being rats on the rug
The children can't walk yet
The children spend a lot of time sitting on rugs
The children are like rats
This is an American/Canadian metaphor
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
Peter is all thumbs; he just spilt my drink.
Peter has no fingers - only two thumbs
Peter is clumsy
Peter only uses his thumbs to pick things up
Peter knocked the drink over with his thumb
He's very clumsy: you'd think all his fingers are thumbs
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
My boyfriend showered me with gifts.
Her boyfriend made her take a shower with his gifts
Her boyfriend threw gifts at her
Her boyfriend gave her endless loads of gifts
Her boyfriend took a shower with her gifts
Think of a water shower
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
Mary tried to pull the wool over my eyes.
Mary tries to pull his woolen cap over his eyes
Mary tried to cover his eyes with wool
Mary is teasing him
Mary tried to deceive him
She tried to trick him
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
Andrew has decided to turn over a new leaf this year.
Andrew turned over a new page in his book
Andrew changed his behavior for the better
Andrew changed his behavior for the worse
Andrew turned over a leaf that had just fallen from a tree
You turn over a new leaf for the better
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
She has half-baked ideas and nothing more.
Her ideas are not thought out enough
She likes cooking, but she isn't very good at it
She doesn't bake very well
She cooks better than she bakes
Half baked food is as bad as half baked ideas
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
My name is mud ever since I caused all that trouble at school.
He has been shamed
He has changed his name to mud
He likes mud because he behaves badly
Mud is his nickname
Mud is not considered good - if your name is mud, you had better start improving your behavior
Find the 'hidden' meaning of the given metaphor.
He lived his life in the fast lane.
He lived in a car which he always drove fast
He's a racing driver
He drives fast
He lived a life full of excitement and activity
And often danger!
Author:  Frank Evans

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