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Verbal Reasoning - Word-Number Codes 4

See if you can get your head around these questions!

Verbal Reasoning - Word-Number Codes 4

This English Language quiz is called 'Verbal Reasoning - Word-Number Codes 4' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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For our final Word-Number Codes Quiz we have a range of challenges that will take you that step or two further with your grip on the necessary techniques: there are some 'old friend' type questions, and a few new ones as well.

If TEA and COFFEE are coded as 352 and 749955 respectively, which ONE of the following might be a possible coding for HOT CHOCOLATE ?
134 714742653
043 704741235
834 084741531
843 707413253
The simplest way to check this (as you may have spotted) is that the end of CHOCOLATE is an anagram of TEA. None of the other possible Answers has the correct ...235 ending.
As it happens, in Answer 2, 0 was drafted-in to stand for H and 1 for L; 6 was not used at all
If LONDON, PARIS and MADRID are represented by 153463, 982382 and 75460 (but not in that order), what would be the correct code for SPAIN ?
You can easily work out that PARIS has only 5 letters and must be represented by 75460. All of the four Answers contain the right number/letters; but only Answer 3 starts with 0, which must stand for S
The three languages SPANISH, ITALIAN and RUSSIAN are coded as 6214615, 7833615 and 3015639 ~ but not in that order.
By cracking enough of the code, work out which of the following would spell LATIN:
Your easiest way in would probably either be to crack the double S in RUSSIAN and look for the telltale 3's in SPANISH (but none in ITALIAN, of course); or to match the rhyming suffixes on ITALIAN and RUSSIAN. ITALIAN has the two I's and A's in it (represented here by 6 and 1 respectively), and none of the other Answers then matches the target closely enough
ORANGE, APPLES and BANANA are 'spelled' 655947, 862626 and 036214 ~ but not in that order.
Crack the code, and work out which ONE of the following would most probably NOT also be on sale at a greengrocer's.
Answer 3 spelled SPONGE (an animal, ultimately; and in that or synthetic form, more of a bathroom accessory than an edible vegetable or fruit); the others were BEANS, GRAPES and PEARS respectively.
Your best way to get started on this Question would be to look for the double-P in APPLES, or even more obviously, the repetition in BANANA (862626, here)
Still on VEGETABLE MATTERS ( 742418954 3811460 ) : using this new code, which of the following does NOT directly refer to a growing (or grown) thing within the plant kingdom?
148 16440
Answer 3 came out as VERBAL (wherever did that word spring from?): the others, in order, were TEA TREES, LEAVES and BRAMBLE.
Your starting-point for checking the coding would probably have been the E's in 2nd and 4th and final place in VEGETABLE, or perhaps the semi-mirror-image -ETA- / -ATTE- groups
KATIE'S FITNESS CENTRE (minus its telltale apostrophe, and with 'center' spelled in British English) is coded as 281498 604587 3541877 ~ though clearly there is something wrong with the order of the actual words.
Once you have cracked the code, work out which of these sports is NOT 'available within the center'.
528 7604513
Answer 3 very nearly spelled ICE SKATING, but we hadn't a code available for G, so the 3 (for 'F') was a close next-best but still wrong.
The others, in order, were: TENNIS, KARATE and CRICKET.
Once you had found the 7-letter FITNESS ending with its double S, the decoding should not have been unduly burdensome
A musician or composer may be busy with some ORCHESTRATION (the art of arranging a piece for a variety of players at once, so that it balances well and makes full use of the 'sound colors' available). This may be coded as 4701862752943.
ONE of the following instruments is recognizable but contains a couple of coding slips, while the rest should be fine. Which is the one with the mistakes?
The first three Answers were CORNET (a close cousin of the trumpet), HORN and CASTANETS; Answer 4 fairly obviously wanted to say TRIANGLE, but ran out of coded letters for G and L
The PLANT MAINTENANCE TEAM has wide-ranging responsibilities around a major building ... not just for Plants in the vegetal sense (as in an earlier Question), but the fabric of the building and all its fixtures and fittings, security, health and safety etc.
Their code is 49715 27815617136 5672.
Three of the following refer to matters for which the team is responsible; the other Answer is the name of the team's boss. Which one is the name?
26579983 47815
3745781 3962615
2836 81 75583
799 362615, 5896 653
The boss is CAPTAIN CLEMENT (Answer 2); the other phrases, in order, were METALLIC PAINT, MICE IN ATTIC and ALL CEMENT, TILE ETC
Conveniently for us in this context, ALPHABETICALLY can be coded as 1234567890 ~ except that this time, we have left out of the number group any 'repeats' where a letter came more than once (such as A, here).
ONE of the versions below is coded correctly to say I HELP PAPA BATHE THE BABY : which one?
8 4623 3131 51746 746 5150
8 4623 3131 51846 742 5150
8 4632 3131 61745 748 5051
8 4623 8181 71846 542 5150
Answer 1 was correctly coded.
It would no doubt have helped further if we had been working in 'leet', and BABY had appeared as 8487 ... no such luck, alas!
Somewhere earlier on we mentioned Bletchley Park: the HQ of the World War 2 codebreaking operation which cracked the Nazis' electromechanical ENIGMA code ~ and probably served to shorten that war by a couple of years, once our Intelligence were able to decrypt enemy messages and work around their troop movements etc.
Unfortunately for our present purposes, even if we ignore repeated letters, we cannot manage BLETCHLEY PARK using a mere two hands'-worth of cipher symbols ...
... but MILTON KEYNES (the nearest major place; a 'new town') is wonderfully obliging, since only 2 letters in the 12 are repeats. Let's code it as 657483 920321.
By very happy coincidence, MILTON KEYNES is full of interesting potential letter combinations; so for our very final number-coding Question, you will get to know this particular temporary code rather well (unlike in an middle school exam, where you handle a fresh one every couple of moments). But the added dimension here is that only ONE of these word-lists contains a slight mis-spelling; everything else is fine. So, as in real life, you are concentrating on what the 'clear' is saying, just as much as on the immediate mechanics of decyphering.
Which group contains the mis-spelt word?
26845837211 ; 566231540 ; 53187234 ; 9578483321 ; 938445214 ; 7514721170
6514889 ; 6851423 ; 6883754 ; 68384830 ; 651472482 ; 6874233211
101426 ; 1689570 ; 12654832 ; 186245621 ; 123154512 ; 18726354521
4831571 ; 4857241 ; 298386514 ; 4231583 ; 48923516 ; 456272113211
The mistake was the misspelling of 'economist' as EKONOMIST, as the 3rd item in Answer 4 (since there was no C available and the word comes, in any case, from the Greek). This seems appropriate because the city ~ or originally, 'new town' ~ of Milton Keynes was so called after the surnames of two eminent economists, to wit Mr Milton and Mr Keynes (either of whom may, or may not, have been knighted in due course).
For reference, perhaps as you head onwards into more vocabulary-based Quizzes, the coded words were as follows:
Answer 1 : EMOTIONLESS, IMMENSITY ( = the quality of being huge ), INSOLENT, KILOTONNES (a large measure of mass, sometimes used to quantify the explosive equivalent of so-much TNT), KNOTTIEST and LISTLESSLY ( = in an unsettled manner)
Answer 2 : MISTOOK, MOISTEN, MOONLIT, MONOTONY (the quality of being dull), MISTLETOE and MOLTENNESS (the runny nature of very hot metal, perhaps after a major explosion or other heat-entailing event such as a volcanic eruption, or inside an industrial furnace)
Answer 3 : SYSTEM, SMOKILY (how a poorly-prepared fire might burn), SEMITONE (the minimum pitch interval between adjacent notes in Western music), SOMETIMES, SENSITISE (as in the making of something to be sensitive, e.g. sensitizing a young child to music or danger) and SOLEMNITIES (the pomp and ritual of a major event such as a State Funeral)
Answer 4 : TONSILS (as in your throat, unless you've had them out), TOILETS (no comment), 'ekonomist' (see above), TENSION (tautness), TOKENISM (the sloppy attitude whereby an organization takes on someone female / of color, or of different body shape or mental or mobility status, or of some other supposed 'minority' ~ purely so other people will applaud them for doing the Politically Correct Thing, rather than on the actual relevant merits of the individual person), and finally TIMELESSNESS, the quality of a place or event where one is moved to 'stop and stare' and lose track of everyday passing time for as long as one feels one needs to appreciate the experience.

We hope this final Question was not a total time-stopper for you ... but if you can tackle a long, finicky multi-tasking code-based Question such as this, the simple 4- or 5-digit word codes should be a breeze!
Author:  Ian Miles

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