Population 5
See if you can get full marks in this quiz on population.

Population 5

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A mass migration can change the population of a country. Human population control is the practice of curtailing population increase, usually by reducing the birth rate. Surviving records from Ancient Greece document the first known examples of population control.

Try our fifth Geography quiz on the subject.

What is the best way to describe the UK's population?
Coffin dodgers
Rapidly falling
When a person moves for less than a year it is known as what?
Annual migration
Partial migration
Temporary migration
Very rapid population growth has happened where?
Ghana is in West Africa
The average number of children born to each woman is called the what?
Birthing rate
Fertility rate
Hatching rate
Maternity rate
It's used as an indicator of population growth
Moving by choice is what sort of migration?
Which is an argument against migration?
If immigrants return home they take new skills with them
Immigrants often do those jobs that nobody else wants
Immigrants send money back home to help their families
It can lead to prejudice
It's thought there are over 100,000 racial incidents in the UK each year
If birth rate is higher than death rate what will happen?
Everyone will leave
Population will fall
Population will rise
Population will stay the same
What usually causes sparse population density?
Employment opportunities
Good road links
Good shopping centers
Steep slopes
Population grows slowly in MEDCs. What is not a reason for this?
Contraception is readily available
It is expensive to raise a child
Many women choose to put a career before children
Women marry young
Women tend to marry younger in LEDCs
How is natural population growth defined?
By how much the population numbers drop
How many tall people there are
The difference between birth rate and death rate
The number of migrants
Author:  Jan Crompton

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