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Geography: Middle School: Grades 6, 7 and 8 Quizzes

Quizzes make learning fun! There is no quicker way to learn about Geography in Middle School - Grades 6, 7 and 8

Are you really interested in geography or have you always regarded it as something you can manage without? Well here’s something to ponder – whatever your interests in life you almost certainly need to know something about geography…

Interested in football and other sports? You’ll need to find your way to road games – see our map reading quizzes.

Quiz Title Options
Case Study Australia 1 Case Study Australia 1 Play
Case Study Australia 2 Case Study Australia 2 Play
Case Study Italy (Comparing North and South) 1 Case Study Italy (Comparing North and South) 1 Play
Case Study Italy (Comparing North and South) 2 Case Study Italy (Comparing North and South) 2 Play
Case Study Italy (Physical Geography) Case Study Italy (Physical Geography) Play
Case Study Japan Case Study Japan Play
Case Study Japan (Industry) 1 Case Study Japan (Industry) 1 Play
Case Study Japan (Industry) 2 Case Study Japan (Industry) 2 Play
Coastal Scenery 1 Coastal Scenery 1 Play
Coastal Scenery 2 Coastal Scenery 2 Play
Comparing Rich and Poor Comparing Rich and Poor Play
Development 1 Development 1 Play
Development 2 Development 2 Play
Europe Europe Play
Europe - Physical Geography Europe - Physical Geography Play
Geography Skills 1 Geography Skills 1 Play
Geography Skills 2 Geography Skills 2 Play
Geography Skills 3 Geography Skills 3 Play
Mountains Mountains Play
Natural Weather Hazards Natural Weather Hazards Play
O. S. Maps 1 O. S. Maps 1 Play
O. S. Maps 2 O. S. Maps 2 Play
O. S. Maps 3 O. S. Maps 3 Play
Organic Farming and Diversification Organic Farming and Diversification Play
Overfishing Overfishing Play
Plastics Plastics Play
Population 1 Population 1 Play
Population 2 Population 2 Play
Population 3 Population 3 Play
Population 4 Population 4 Play
Population 5 Population 5 Play
Primary and Secondary Data Primary and Secondary Data Play
Quarrying Quarrying Play
Rainforests - the Lungs of the Planet Rainforests - the Lungs of the Planet Play
Responses to Climate Change Responses to Climate Change Play
River Landscapes 1 River Landscapes 1 Play
River Landscapes 2 River Landscapes 2 Play
River Profiles River Profiles Play
River Valleys River Valleys Play
Settlement 1 Settlement 1 Play
Settlement 2 Settlement 2 Play
Shopping Shopping Play
Soil Erosion and Degradation Soil Erosion and Degradation Play
Temperate Forests Temperate Forests Play
The Climate Over the Past Two Million Years The Climate Over the Past Two Million Years Play
Tourism Tourism Play
Trade and Development 1 Trade and Development 1 Play
Trade and Development 2 Trade and Development 2 Play
Tropical Rainforests Tropical Rainforests Play
Urbanization Urbanization Play
Water Use and Shortages Water Use and Shortages Play
Weather Forecasting Weather Forecasting Play
Weathering Weathering Play
What is a River? What is a River? Play
What is a Tundra? What is a Tundra? Play
Wildlife Corridors Wildlife Corridors Play

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