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The Agricultural Revolution 2
Oilseed rape was not rotated in the Norfolk system.

The Agricultural Revolution 2

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Fertilizers played a major part in the Agricultural Revolution. The Agricultural Revolution supported unprecedented population growth, freeing up a significant percentage of the workforce, and thereby helped drive the Industrial Revolution.

Try our second History quiz on the subject.

Who introduced the Norfolk four-course crop rotation?
'Carrot' Connolly
'Cauliflower' Carter
'Runner Bean' Rogers
'Turnip' Townshend
Charles Townshend was a wealthy landowner
Which crop was not rotated in the Norfolk system?
Oilseed rape
Wheat was the fourth crop
Which was not true of the new crop rotation system?
All farmers had to agree to use it
Animals were fed on the turnips and clover
No field needed to be left fallow
The soil was better nourished
Who shared and spread new ideas?
Thomas Coke
Thomas Fanta
Thomas Sprite
Thomas Vimto
Sheep shearing competitions were one idea of his
Jethro Tull famously invented a horse-drawn…what?
Combine harvester
Hay baler
Seed drill
Threshing machine
It planted seeds straight and at the same depth
The old method of scattering seeds by hand was .......
Seeds could be blown away or eaten by birds
Who helped to produce healthier and heavier animals?
Henry Cornwell
James Stowell
Michael Chartwell
Robert Bakewell
Bakewell's methods were known as what?
Controlled mating
Scientific rearing
Selective breeding
Jethro Tull's book of 1731 had what title?
Farming the Modern Way
Horse Hoeing Husbandry
Plowing New Furrows
Seed Drill Dynamics
Which other historical event greatly helped farmers?
The American Revolution
The French Revolution
The Industrial Revolution
The Mexican Revolution
Farm machinery could now be made of iron instead of wood
Author:  Jan Crompton

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