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History: Middle School: Grades 6, 7 and 8 Quizzes

Quizzes make learning fun! There is no quicker way to learn about History in Middle School - Grades 6, 7 and 8

Here at Education Quizzes we talk to parents all the time and one of the things we hear most often is ‘I was never interested in history when I was at school but I wish I had paid more attention because I find it fascinating now’.

Will you become one of the grown-ups with regrets or will you embrace history now with all the marvelous lessons it can teach us?

If you have a sensitive disposition then we suggest you progress to the quizzes below without further delay but if not, and you have any lingering doubts that historical facts might be boring, then consider these gruesome events…

Ice Age Britons used skulls of the dead as cups and up until the 19th century dentures were commonly made with teeth pulled from the mouths of dead soldiers.

Pope Gregory IX didn’t like cats so he had millions killed with the result that rat populations got out of control and spread the Bubonic Plague.

In order to prevent pharaohs in ancient Egypt from being troubled by flies, servants were covered in honey to attract the flies away.

Approximately 1 in 40 Americans were killed in the Civil War – by far the most casualties of any American war.

In early Rome a father was allowed to kill anyone in his family without fear of the law.

In 1487 the Aztecs killed 20,000 people as a sacrifice when dedicating a temple.

Enough! Enough of these astounding revelations. Whatever you may think of history at least you will never again call it boring!

Let’s play some nice, pleasant quizzes and try to forget all that nastiness!

Quiz Title Date Played Previous Score Options
Ancient Egypt - Everyday Life Ancient Egypt - Everyday Life     Play
Ancient Greece Ancient Greece     Play
Ancient Greece - Everyday Life Ancient Greece - Everyday Life     Play
Famous Texts in History 1 Famous Texts in History 1     Preview
Famous Texts in History 2 Famous Texts in History 2     Preview
Historical Buildings around the World 1 Historical Buildings around the World 1     Preview
Historical Buildings around the World 2 Historical Buildings around the World 2     Preview
History Skills 1 History Skills 1     Preview
History Skills 2 History Skills 2     Preview
History Where You Live History Where You Live     Preview
Invasion! Invasion!     Preview
Medieval Castles 1 Medieval Castles 1     Preview
Medieval Castles 2 Medieval Castles 2     Preview
Monuments around the World Monuments around the World     Preview
Outlaws in History Outlaws in History     Preview
People Who Changed History People Who Changed History     Preview
Pyramids and Mummies Pyramids and Mummies     Preview
Queen Mary Tudor Queen Mary Tudor     Preview
Recent History Recent History     Preview
Roman Army Roman Army     Preview
The Agricultural Revolution 1 The Agricultural Revolution 1     Preview
The Agricultural Revolution 2 The Agricultural Revolution 2     Preview
The Black Death The Black Death     Preview
Tudor Kings and Queens Tudor Kings and Queens     Preview
Victorian Inventions Victorian Inventions     Preview
Viking Explorers Viking Explorers     Preview
War War     Preview
World Leaders 1 World Leaders 1     Preview
World Leaders 2 World Leaders 2     Preview
World War II World War II     Preview

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