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Tudor Kings and Queens
Lady Jane Gray was known as the 'nine day' queen.

Tudor Kings and Queens

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There were a total of five Tudor kings and queens who ruled England. Henry VII was the first of the Tudor monarchs. He came to the throne in 1485. His son was Henry VIII who had six wives. Henry VIII's son Edward VI was crowned king at the age of 9 but he died without having any children and named his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, as his heir. Jane was not a Tudor and she reigned for only nine days before Edward's half-sister Mary became queen instead. Mary had no children either so her half-sister Elizabeth was crowned Elizabeth I. She never married and was the last of the Tudor monarchs.

Who did Henry VII marry?
Elizabeth of York
Mary of York
Katherine of York
Anne of York
Elizabeth was the daughter of the Yorkist King Edward IV. Henry sought to unite the Houses of Lancaster and York to bring peace to the kingdom
Who succeeded Henry VIII?
Edward VI
Elizabeth I
Mary I
Henry IX
Edward died when he was only 15 years old
Who was Henry VIII's first wife?
Katherine Parr
Anne Boleyn
Katherine of Aragon
Anne of Cleves
Henry split with the Catholic church so that he could divorce Katherine and marry Anne Boleyn
How many wives did Henry VIII have beheaded?
They were Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard
What religion was Mary I?
Mary was known as Bloody Mary because she had many Protestants killed
How many years did Elizabeth I reign?
Elizabeth's reign was longer than that of any other Tudor monarch
Who was the 'nine day' queen?
Mary Queen of Scots
Mary I
Katherine Howard
Lady Jane Grey
Jane was deposed by Mary I and was later executed for treason
Who succeeded Elizabeth I?
George I
James VI of Scotland
James II
Charles I
James became James I of England
Who was the mother of Elizabeth I?
Katherine Howard
Katherine Parr
Katherine of Aragon
Anne Boleyn
Henry VIII's three children each had different mothers: Mary was the daughter of Katherine of Aragon, Elizabeth was the daughter of Anne Boleyn and Edward was the son of Jane Seymour
Who was the first Tudor monarch?
Henry VII
Elizabeth I
Henry VIII
Henry was a Lancastrian who ended the Wars of the Roses between the Yorkists and Lancastrians who were fighting for the throne
Author:  Amanda Swift

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