Algebra - Graphs Introduction
The y-axis runs vertically (up and down). Remember: 'y goes high to the sky'.

Algebra - Graphs Introduction

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A graph is a type of chart or diagram. Very often Math students are afraid of graphs but there is no need to be. Think of graphs as a diagram or drawing that records information. We have five Algebra quizzes on the subject.

Play our first introduction quiz and your fears will disappear!

A graph is normally drawn on a what?
The paper on which a graph is drawn is often referred to as grid paper or graph paper - it has regular lines both across the page and up-and-down the page
To start drawing a graph you first need to put two lines on the paper that show units of measurement. What is the name given to one of these lines?
What is the plural of axis?
One axis but two axes (pronounced ack-sees)
Which way on the page does the y axis go?
Diagonal left to right
Diagonal right to left
Horizontally - left to right
Vertically - up and down
You need to ensure that you never confuse the two axes and therefore it is important to remember this rhyme: 'y goes high to the sky'
The axis that goes horizontally left to right is called what?
The a axis
The b axis
The x axis
The z axis
Do axes have negative values as well as positive values?
No, never
Yes, always
Only in the northern hemisphere
It should be noted that graphs are often drawn that show only the positive values, but this does not always mean that the negative values are unimportant
What is the name given to the point where the x and y axes intersect?
Mid point
Starting point
The coordinates of the origin are (0, 0)
On the x axis, where are the negative figures relative to the y axis?
Above the y axis
Below the y axis
To the left of the y axis
To the right of the y axis
What is the term used to define the exact position of a point on a graph?
The coordinates firstly give the position along the x axis and then the position along the y axis. To remember which number comes first, remember that x comes before y in the alphabet
There is only one quadrant on a graph that contains coordinates that have only positive figures in them. Which quadrant is it?
1 (top right)
2 (top left)
3 (bottom left)
4 (bottom right)
The first quadrant is the top right and then you move from one quadrant to the next in an ANTICLOCKWISE direction
Author:  Frank Evans

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