Data Handling - Making Connections
What relationship is likely to be shown if ice cream sales are plotted against daily temperatures?

Data Handling - Making Connections

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In data handling, making connections can involve finding patterns. Data is usually collected with the purpose of showing connections which might answer a question, test a theory or verify a prediction. These connections can be illustrated by making a variety of diagrams.

Try the following Math quiz on the subject.

Tony wants to test his theory that the weather affects tourism. This sort of theory is called a .......
The correlation of sea water temperatures plotted on a scattergraph against the number of bathers is .......
not likely to provide much information about bathers
unreliable for making predictions about bathers
The warmer the water, the more people will go swimming
A scattergraph of rainfall against numbers of people on the beach shows negative correlation indicating that .......
rain makes the sea colder
rain puts people off using the beach
swimmers don't like getting wet
the tide is higher after rain
What relationship is likely to be shown if ice cream sales are plotted against daily temperatures?
Fewer ice creams are sold when it's raining
More ice creams are sold in hot weather
Most ice creams are bought by children
Vanilla is the most popular flavor
Time spent in a games arcade is recorded in categories 'up to 10 minutes', 'up to 20 minutes' etc. What sort of diagram is used to illustrate this data?
Box and whisker diagram
Cumulative frequency graph
Frequency polygon
Times of 'up to 10 mins' are included in 'up to 20 mins' so the figures are cumulative
The steepest part of the cumulative frequency graph represents .......
the most typical range of times
the greatest range of times
the longest time
the average time
Cumulative frequency (CF) is always recorded on the vertical axis
Tony recorded the games arcade times of 400 people. His estimate for the average time from the CF graph is .......
the sum of all the times divided by 400
the most popular time
the CF value on the curve at the halfway point of the time axis
the time value on the curve at the halfway point of the CF axis
This is an estimate for the median time
The times corresponding to 100 and 300 on the CF axis are called the lower and upper .......
The difference between these values is called the Inter Quartile Range (IQR)
What proportion of the data is represented by the IQR?
The middle 25%
The top 25%
The bottom 50%
The middle 50%
The median is at the middle quartile
Tony is at a seaside holiday resort. If he plots slot machine takings on a scattergraph against rainfall he is likely to find that .......
the line of best fit has a positive gradient
the points fit a perfect straight line
the rain has no effect on takings
there is no correlation
Some people play the arcade games even in good weather but more will play to get out of the rain
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