Descant, the high-pitched counter-melody, is found in hymns.


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Interludes and codas are found in the arrangement of music. Due to a poor grasp of the ability to do so himself, the American composer George Gershwin had his Rhapsody in Blue orchestrated and arranged by Ferde Grofe.

Test your knowledge in this Music quiz on Arrangement.

What kinds of music feature improvisation?
Jazz solo sections
Rock guitar solo sections
Classical recitative sections
All of the above
Most commonly found in music from 1900+ but still found in many classical pieces and modern day recordings
'Tone quality' or 'Tone color' specifically relates to .......
dynamic markings
key signatures
time signatures
What type of passage brings a section to a conclusion?
A Coda
A pause
A ritardando
An accelerando
A harmonic accompaniment is mainly provided by .......
several instruments with underlying chord progressions
very loud dynamics
fast playing
None of the above
Which of the following is the bass line?
A mid-pitched line played usually a 3rd below the melody
A high-pitched line which plays out the tune
A low-pitched line played by rhythm section instruments
All of the above
What does 'Question and Answer' mean?
Dominant-to-tonic resolution by a different (B) voice
A 4-bar section which is constantly repeated
A section which is constantly at a loud dynamic
All of the above
Remember, A to B, dominant to tonic passages
What is a descant?
A counter-melody at a higher pitch than the main melody
A fast section of music
A loud and accented bass line
A piece in the key of D major
Descants are commonly found in church hymns
What is an interlude?
A 16-bar section which features a drone
A long composition comparable to a symphony
A short piece in-between parts of longer compositions
None of the above
What high-pitched counter-melody is found in hymns?
Bass line
Tenor line
A Coda is .......
a quiet kind of dynamic marking
a passage which brings a movement to a conclusion
a type of accelerando
a type of classical movement
Often consists of a few bars, sometimes a section!
Author:  Thomas Daish

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