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Environment Issues
Solar panels can generate solar power from sunlight.

Environment Issues

This Science quiz is called 'Environment Issues' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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Environmental issues are the negative aspects of human activity which are causing major problems on Earth, such as the destruction of the rainforests which is causing the atmosphere to warm up. Did you know that many environmental risk factors have been associated with asthma in children? But what can be done to deal with these issues? How can we solve the problems?

This quiz will test how much you know about the damage we are doing to the Earth and how we are trying to put it right.

What type of harmful gasses surround the Earth?
Solar gasses
Natural gasses
Greenhouse gasses
Shed gasses
Greenhouse gasses are warming the planet up
How is hydroelectricity produced?
With water
With the sun
With wind
By burning fossil fuels
Water can make turbines go round and these turbines can power generators
Which of these human activities is NOT causing global warming?
Burning fossil fuels
Cutting down rainforests
Using aerosols
Recycling glass
Recycling things, like glass, metal or paper, is good for the environment
Why are the rainforests being chopped down?
There are too many trees
It will reduce global warming
To clear land for farming
To use the wood for fuel
There are many people on Earth and they all need to be fed, so farmers chop down trees to make suitable farmland
What is the power produced by the sun called?
Nuclear power
Solar power
Gas power
Solar panels generate electricity from the sun's rays
What have most governments agreed to do to help stop global warming?
Chop the rainforests down
Reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned
Send a rocket to mend the ozone layer
Stop using electricity
There are other ways to create electricity, like nuclear power, wind power or hydroelectric power
What is the ozone layer?
A protective layer around the earth
The center of the earth
A paintballing center
Part of the North Pole
The ozone layer protects the Earth from too much UV from the sun
Which of these is NOT due to global warming?
The earth may warm up
The ice caps may melt
We will run out of fossil fuels
The sea level may rise
The Earth will run out of fossil fuels one day but this is because we burn them which causes global warming
Which of these is NOT an environmentally-friendly method of producing electricity?
Burning coal
Water power
Coal is a fossil fuel
Which of these effects does burning fossil fuels have on the environment?
It pollutes rivers
It fills up landfills
It causes drought
It causes hurricanes
Fossil fuels cause acid rain and this rain gets into rivers
Author:  Amanda Swift

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