Light 2
Colors are caused by light having different frequencies and wavelengths.

Light 2

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In Science, the study of light and the interaction of light and matter is termed optics. The observation and study of optical phenomena such as rainbows and the aurora borealis offer many clues as to the nature of light as well as much enjoyment.

Colors are caused by light having different .......
Frequencies and speed
Frequencies and wavelengths
Wavelengths and speed
Red light has the longest wavelength
When light travels from air to water .......
It is mainly deflected
It is mainly dispersed
It is mainly reflected
It is mainly refracted
In a solar eclipse .......
The Earth is between the Sun and the Moon
The Moon and the Earth are at right angles to each other
The Moon is between the Sun and the Earth
The Sun is between the Moon and the Earth
In a lunar eclipse the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon
The three primary light colors are .......
Blue, green and yellow
Red, blue and green
Red, blue and yellow
Red, green and yellow
Light from the Sun is called .......
Blue light
Red light
White light
Yellow light
Light can be split into colors of the spectrum using a prism. This is called .......
When light travels from air to glass which of the following is true?
It bends away from the normal
It bends towards the normal
The direction will not change
The speed is unchanged
A red filter will only .......
Stop blue light
Stop green and yellow light
Stop red light
Transmit red light
When light travels from air to glass .......
It is all reflected
It slows down
It speeds up
It travels in the same direction
Grass looks green because .......
It absorbs green and yellow light
It absorbs green light
It reflects green and yellow light
It reflects green light
In 1867 John Tyndall discovered the sky is blue. Particles in the air scatter blue light more than red
Author:  Sue Davison

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