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You might see a seesaw at the park. Do you know how to say seesaw in Spanish?

Play On!

Once again we will be taking a trip to the park where there are many different activities to enjoy for people of all ages. In fact, even our pets can enjoy going to the park? Some parks are large enough to include a playground area for children, a pet friendly area, a pond, walking trails, picnic areas, amphitheaters, skateboard areas and even a water adventure area. There is literally something to do for everyone! Therefore, in this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will be going to a park to look at things that children can play on.

What makes this adventure a little more fun this go around is that now you can go to a park and talk about all of those areas using your new found language of Spanish! For a real challenge, you really should go to a park and see how many things you can name in Spanish. However, for this quiz, you’ll just have to take a walk through pictures.

To see a larger image, simply click on the picture.
Looking at the picture, what is this little boy climbing through?
If you look closely at the picture, the little boy is climbing through a tunnel. You will need to know how to spell tunnel in Spanish. The Spanish word for tunnel is túnel. Notice it has an accent mark above the 'u' and there is only one 'n'.
These little girls are going up and down on this. What is it?
caballito de mar
tabla de equilibrio
The little girls in the picture are going up and down on a seesaw. The Spanish word for seesaw is balancín. The first answer means seahorse. The third answer means seagull and the last answer means balance board.
This majestic horse can be found on one of these. What can it be found on?
If you look closely you can see that this majestic horse can be found on a carousel. The Spanish word for carousel is tiovivo. The second answer means ladder. The third answer means lane and the last answer means trolley.
The little boy is sitting on this as he waits for his friends to arrive. What is he sitting on?
silla de montar
The picture shows the little boy is sitting on a park bench. The Spanish word for bench is banco. The first answer means ring. The second answer means saddle and the third answer means bleacher.
These students are running on this so they can get to school without being late. What are they running on?
The students in the picture are running on a path. The Spanish word for path is camino. The first answer means land. The third answer means grass and the last answer means waves.
Did you ever play with one of these hulas? What kind of a hula are they?
Do you see what the children are playing with? It is called a hula hoop. The Spanish word for hoop is aro. The first answer means bell. The second answer means ball and the last answer means balloon.
She may call this a carousel but others call it this. What do others call it?
círculo redondo
cola de caballo
atracción de feria
This fun amusement ride is known as both a carousel (as in quiz question 3) or as a merry-go-round. The Spanish word for merry-go-round is calesita. The first answer means round circle. The third answer means horsetail and the third answer means amusement ride.
This game is played using a pole, string and ____. What item is missing?
pelota atada
saco de arena
bola de bolos
balón de playa
The thing that is being played in this picture is called tetherball. Therefore, the missing item is the tetherball. The Spanish words for tetherball are pelota atada. The second answer means punch ball. The third answer means bowling ball and the last answer means beach ball.
If you have to go, you better hope that one of these is around. What needs to be around?
sala de descanso
If you read the sign in this picture you will find the answer. If you have to go, you better hope that a restroom is around. The Spanish word for restroom is servicios. The first answer means living room. The third answer means dining room and the last answer means break room.
Looks like mom and dad are running their little girl through this. What are they running her through?
arco iris
From the picture, mom and dad appear to be running their little girl through a sprinkler. The Spanish word for sprinkler is aspersor. The first answer means rainbow. The second answer means parade and the last answer means shower.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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