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Grammar - IR Verbs (Group 2)
'Jason is about consumir the entire cake!' Can you translate the Spanish word into English?

Grammar - IR Verbs (Group 2)

This Spanish Easy Review grammar quiz takes a further look at adding to your list of IR verbs. By now your Spanish verb vocabulary list should be getting to a point where you will be able to begin to start to create many different sentences.

You should also understand that Spanish has three different types of verbs that include ar verbs, er verb and ir verbs. When you being to conjugate verbs, you will see that the verb endings will affect the way the verbs change.

But that understanding will occur in the series of quizzes on conjugating. For this quiz you will be focusing on a series of ir verbs. These new verb vocabulary words are:

He was not going PERMITIR him to take out his daughter.
to prohibit
to permit
to promise
to persuade
The Spanish verb 'permitir' means 'to permit'.
The army was going INVADIR the coastline.
to invade
to evacuate
to vandalize
to survey
The Spanish verb 'invadir' means 'to invade'.
Don’t forget PULIR the nightstand.
to place
to pull
to polish
to pick
The Spanish verb 'pulir' means 'to polish'.
She was going ASISTIR the students with their project.
to ascertain
to sister
to listen
to assist
The Spanish verb 'asistir' means 'to assist'.
I was about DESCRIBIR the circumstances that brought me here.
to detain
to detail
to describe
to denounce
The Spanish verb 'describir' means 'to describe'.
The boys are going COMBATIR after school.
to combine
to fight
to complain
to communicate
The Spanish verb 'combatir' means 'to fight'.
Are you going ADMITIR the truth?
to admit
to admire
to avoid
to advance
The Spanish verb 'admitir' means 'to admit'.
Jason is about CONSUMIR the entire cake.
to eat
to consummate
to compensate
to consume
The Spanish verb 'consumir' means 'to consume'.
When are you going DECIDIR the winner?
to declare
to determine
to decide
to detain
The Spanish verb 'decidir' means 'to decide'.
He has TRANSMITIR the last signal of the night.
to transcend
to transmit
to terminate
to transpire
The Spanish verb 'transmitir' means 'to transmit'.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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