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Math - Review Counting 50 through 100
In this math quiz, we look at the Spanish numbers between fifty and one hundred.

Math - Review Counting 50 through 100

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be reviewing the numbers 50 through 100. In an effort to help refresh your memory of things you learned in the Spanish Easy Review series, this quiz is the second of two math review quizzes that has been created to help you remember your Spanish numbers. When you think about it, you really haven’t learned to say 100 different numbers because numbers are repeated. For example: 8, 28, 38, 48, etc. In each instance the same number 8 is used over and over again. In addition, 21, 22, 23, 24, etc., in each instance, the number 20 (twenty) is spoken. The numbers you do have to learn are 0, 1 through 15, then 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100. That’s a total of 25 numbers. Now that really isn’t so hard to learn is it?

Up until recently, most people retired at the age of 65. (What is the number 65 in Spanish?)
sesenta y cinco
setenta y cinco
cincuenta y cinco
seisenta y cinco
The Spanish number for 65 is sesenta y cinco. The second and third answers are the wrong numbers and the last answer is misspelled.
A football field is 100 yards long. (What is the number 100 in Spanish?)
The Spanish number for 100 is cien. The first and third answers are the incorrect number and the last answer is the Spanish word for cent.
The blouse I bought was 78% off. (What is the number 78 in Spanish?)
setanta y oche
setenta y oche
setenta y ocho
setanta y ocho
You really need to pay close attention to the spelling here. The Spanish number for 78 is setenta y ocho. The first answer has both 70 and 8 spelled wrong. The second answer has the number 8 spelled wrong and the last answer has the number 70 spelled wrong. That leaves the third answer which is correct.
Grandmother found 54 cents in her purse. (What is the Spanish number for 54?)
cuarenta y cuarto
sincuenta y cuatro
cuarenta y cuatro
cincuenta y cuatro
The first answer reads '40 and room' so it is not correct. The second answer has misspelled the Spanish word for 50. The third answer is Spanish for the number 44 while the last answer is Spanish for the number 54. Remember to pay attention to where the 'r' is located in the words 'cuatro' and 'cuarto' as they have two different meanings. The first means 'four' while the second means 'room'. Also note that 'cuarto' can mean 'quarter' and 'fourth'.
treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta, sesenta, ____ (Which Spanish number comes next?)
Treinta, cuarenta, cincuenta, sesenta are Spanish for 30, 40, 50, 60. As the numbers are going up by 10 each time, the next number would be 70. In Spanish, the word for 70 is setenta.
Jared got one less point than 100 on his midterm paper. (What number did Jared get on his midterm paper?)
nueve y noventa
ochenta y nueve
noventa y nueve
nueve y ochenta
This is a simple subtract question. One less point from 100 is: 100 – 1 = 99. Jared got 99 on his midterm paper. The Spanish number for 99 is noventa y nueve. The first answer reads 9 and 90. That is not the correct way to say or write 99 in Spanish. The same thing holds true for the last answer which reads 9 and 80. It is not properly written. The second answer is Spanish for the number 89 which is not the correct number Jared got on his midterm paper.
Charlie counted 81 petals on the flowers he picked for Amy. (What is the Spanish number for 81?)
sesenta y uno
ochenta y uno
noventa y uno
setenta y uno
The Spanish number for 81 is ochenta y uno.
Mr. Daniels lives at 67 Hopkinton Road. (What is the Spanish number for 67?)
sesenta y siete
setenta y siete
cincuenta y siete
ochenta y siete
The Spanish number for 67 is sesenta y siete.
Max had to look on the map to find route 53. (What is the Spanish number for 53?)
cuarenta y tres
cincuenta y tres
sinquenta y tres
cincenta y tres
The first answer is Spanish for the number 43. It is not the number you are looking for. The third and last answers have each misspelled the Spanish word for 50. The Spanish number for 53 is cincuenta y tres.
The law firm celebrated its 86 years of practice. (What is the Spanish number for 86?)
ocheinta y seis
ochienta y seis
ochenta y séis
ochenta y seis
The Spanish number for 86 is ochenta y seis. The first and second answers have misspelled the word for 80 so neither of them is correct. The third answer has placed an accent mark on the number 6. There is no accent mark on the number 6 here. The last answer does show the correct Spanish number for 86.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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