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Little Richard
See if you can get full marks in this enjoyable quiz.

Little Richard

This quiz, Little Richard, looks at the childhood of Richard III.

England's future king, Richard III, was born into an England soon to be ravaged by civil war. His family were deeply involved in the conflict and this had a huge effect on Richard’s childhood. Find out how much you know about Richard’s early years.

Richard was born on October 2nd of which year?
The War of the Roses, fought between Richard’s family, the House of York, and the ruling House of Lancaster, began in 1455, before Richard was even three years old
At which castle was Richard born?
Knaresborough Castle, Yorkshire
Warwick Castle, Warwickshire
Fotheringhay Castle, Northamptonshire
Windsor Castle, Berkshire
Although he was Duke of York, Richard’s father, also named Richard, travelled around the country due to his political position
Richard’s parents were both descendants of which English king?
Richard II
Henry IV
Henry V
Edward III
It was through this ancestry that Richard’s father had claim to the throne. The ruling king, Henry VI, was also descended from Edward III
Richard spent much of his childhood in the care of Richard Neville, the Duke of Warwick. What relation was Warwick to Richard?
Whilst living with Warwick, Richard met his future wife Anne, who was Warwick’s daughter
When Richard was eight years old both his father and his older brother Edmund were killed in which battle?
Battle of Northampton
Battle of Wakefield
Battle of Mortimer’s Cross
Battle of Ludford Bridge
After the battle the heads of Richard’s father, brother and uncle were put on spikes at the gates of York
Following their father’s death, for their safety, Richard and his elder brother George were sent where by their mother, the Duchess of York?
Utrecht is in the Netherlands today, but at that time it was a part of the Duchy of Burgundy
They returned one year later after the Yorkist victory in which battle?
Battle of Ferrybridge
Battle of Hexham
Second Battle of St Albans
Battle of Towton
After the Battle of Towton Henry VI fled to Scotland and Richard’s brother was declared King Edward IV
When Richard’s brother was crowned what title was the nine year old Richard given by the new king?
Earl of Warwick
Duke of York
Duke of Gloucester
Prince of Wales
There have only ever been 10 Dukes of Gloucester. Richard was the third. The current Duke of Gloucester, cousin of our queen, is also named Richard
Richard was thrown into the political world at an early age. How old was he when he was appointed Commissioner of Array for the Western Counties?
11 years old
12 years old
13 years old
14 years old
Commissioners of array were responsible for the muster of local inhabitants for war and readying soldiers for military service. Most who held the position were adults
When Richard was 17 he was again forced into exile after which ally defected to support the Lancastrians?
Earl of Warwick
Earl of Rutland
Earl of Lincoln
Earl of Norfolk
Warwick, Richard’s cousin and former friend, was also known as the ‘Kingmaker.’ His support had helped both Edward IV to take the throne and Henry VI to reclaim it


Author:  Graeme Haw

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