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Richard III Quizzes

Richard III

How much do you know about the life and times of Richard III? Why not find out by playing our interesting and enjoyable quizzes on the last Plantagenet King of England. There are no less than 250 questions about him and his era, so even if you are a fervent enthusiast, you should find some questions to be rather a challenge! And if you are not then we think you'll find these quizzes quite enlightening - we do hope so! Your knowledge of the Wars of the Roses will be tested but so will your knowledge of late Medieval fashion!

Quiz Title Options
Benevolent King? Benevolent King? Play
Dress Sense Dress Sense Play
Fall of the House of York Fall of the House of York Play
Finding Richard Finding Richard Play
From Fields of Labour to Fields of War From Fields of Labour to Fields of War Play
Guns and Roses Guns and Roses Play
Jesters and Lutes! Jesters and Lutes! Play
Kings in Combat Kings in Combat Play
Little Richard Little Richard Play
Looking for Richard Looking for Richard Play
Medieval Warfare Medieval Warfare Play
Murder Mystery Murder Mystery Play
Paintings and Palaces Paintings and Palaces Play
Red Roses Red Roses Play
Richard in Art Richard in Art Play
Shakespeare's Richard Shakespeare's Richard Play
The Coats They Wore The Coats They Wore Play
The Everyday Folk The Everyday Folk Play
The Last Significant Battle The Last Significant Battle Play
The Spoken Word The Spoken Word Play
The World Beyond The World Beyond Play
Two Short Years Two Short Years Play
Villainous King? Villainous King? Play
What's for Supper? What's for Supper? Play
White Roses White Roses Play

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