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The Coats They Wore

(Image courtesy of Ipankonin at Wikipedia.)

The Coats They Wore

The Coats they Wore looks at the college of arms.

During the War of the Roses each man of rank bore a coat of arms. The origin of these was the need to identify men on the field of battle when their faces were hidden behind visors and helmets. Over time rules and meanings grew and the art of heraldry was born.

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When Henry VII took the throne he created a new emblem by uniting the Yorkist Rose with the Lancastrian Rose. What name did he give to this new badge?
Photograph courtesy of Sodacan at Wikipedia
English Rose
New Rose
Tudor Rose
Hybrid Rose
Henry’s wife was a member of the House of York and Henry was of Lancaster. Upon his accession to the throne Henry began a new House, the Tudors. His son, Henry VIII, and his grandchildren, Edward IV, Mary I and Elizabeth I came after him
The Arms of Henry VI’s consort, Margaret of Anjou, contain those of her husband and those of her father. Her father had eight noble titles. What were they?
Photograph courtesy of A1 Aardvark at Wikipedia
Five of King, two of Duke and one of Count
Three of King, three of Duke and two of Count
One of King, five of Duke and two of Count
Three of Duke, and five of Count
Margaret's father, Rene of Anjou, was Count of both Provence and Piedmont, Duke of Anjou, Bar and Lorraine, and King of Naples, Aragon and Jerusalem!
The Arms of King Edward V were the same as those of his father, with no personalisation added. Why was this?
Photograph courtesy of Sodacan at Wikipedia
Edward was modest
Edward was devoted to his father
Edward died before he reached adulthood
Edward was not interested in coats of arms
Edward was never crowned king. Although nobody knows for certain, it is thought that Edward was murdered when he was twelve years old by supporters of Richard III
Like that of Richard of York, this shield also displays the Royal Coat of Arms. To whom did it belong?
Photograph courtesy of Ipankonin at Wikipedia
The Yorkist, Earl of Lincoln
The Lancastrian, Earl of Oxford
The Yorkist, Duke of Richmond
The Lancastrian, Duke of Somerset
The Duke of Somerset was also a descendant of Edward III and therefore permitted to bear the Royal Arms, just like his Yorkist rival Richard
The Yorkist leader, Richard Duke of York, wore the English Royal Coat of Arms with an added Label and Gules. By what right was he entitled do this?
Photograph courtesy of Ipankonin at Wikipedia
He was the brother of the king
He had once been the king
He was descended from a king
He had no right
Richard inherited the arms of his Grandfather, Edmund of Langley, the first Duke of York, who was the son of King Edward III
The Arms of King Richard III were similar to those of his brother Edward IV, with one difference; the Lions supporting the shield had been replaced by which creatures?
Photograph courtesy of Sodacan at Wikipedia
Wild boars fight fiercely when cornered, and they give up only when they die; an apt choice of symbol for Richard, given that he was to die in battle, fighting to his bitter end
The Arms of King Edward IV bear the words: “Honi soit qui mal y pense – shame be to him who thinks evil of it.” This is the motto of which organisation?
Photograph courtesy of Sodacan at Wikipedia
The Order of the Garter
The Knights Templar
The Order of the Bath
The Knights Hospitaller
The Order of the Garter is the oldest and highest Chivalric Order in Great Britain. It was founded by Edward III in the 1340s and still exists today
One half of Henry VI's Coat of Arms was filled with fleurs-de-lis, the symbol of France. Why was this?
Photograph courtesy of Sodacan at Wikipedia
Henry was the king of France
Henry was born in France
Henry's father was French
Henry liked French food
Following the victories in France of Henry's father, Henry V, Henry VI was recognised by the French king, Charles VI, as his heir. Henry was crowned King of France in 1431 but following defeats at the hands of his rival, Charles VII, Henry lost the French crown in 1453. It is said that this defeat was the cause of Henry's bouts of madness
These are the Arms of the ‘kingmaker,’ Richard Neville, the Earl of Warwick. The symbols of how many families are shown on the shield?
Photograph courtesy of Ipankonin at Wikipedia
Two families
Three families
Four families
Five families
In addition to the Arms of his father's family (the Nevilles) the shield also shows those of his father-in-law (13th Earl of Warwick), his mother-in-law (Dispenser), his mother (Montagu) and also a symbol for Lancaster
The Arms of Henry VII are supported by a dragon, symbolising Henry’s Welsh ancestry, and which other animal, a symbol of his wife’s family?
Photograph courtesy of Sodacan at Wikipedia
A whippet
A greyhound
A wolf
A lurcher
As well as being a symbol of Henry's wife's family, the greyhound is also associated with the family of Henry's mother, the Beauforts


Author:  Graeme Haw

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