Top Ten Reasons Why Teachers Like Quizzes

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Quizzes increase student participation

“Students reported they spent more time reading and more time studying between tests, and that they were more motivated to come to class prepared when the course included quizzes. These quizzes also increased student participation, lowered failure rates, improved exam scores, resulted in better overall course grades, and did not lower course evaluations.”
(Maryellen Weimer Phd – author with thirty years of teaching experience)

Quizzes improve pupil performance

“In 1909, a doctoral pupil at the University of Illinois demonstrated that practice quizzes improve pupil performance, and more than 100 years of research has shown that taking practice quizzes (versus merely re-reading study notes) can substantially boost pupil learning.”
(Matt Bromley – author and journalist with more than 18 years teaching experience)

Quizzes help students to learn

“The process of retrieval – bringing the information to mind – actually leads to learning all by itself.”
(Dr Megan Smith assistant professor at Rhode Island College)

Quizzes give teachers feedback

“Frequent quizzes give the teacher an idea of how well the class as a whole grasps the concepts.”
(Dr Megan Smith assistant professor at Rhode Island College)

Quizzes promote test expectancy

“frequent quizzing leads students to expect to be quizzed, leading to better performance overall.”
(Dr Megan Smith assistant professor at Rhode Island College)

Studying is more efficient after a quiz

“Quizzes help students identify what they know and what they don’t know.”
(Dr Megan Smith assistant professor at Rhode Island College)

Students rate quizzes very highly

“The integration of quizzes with other instructional activities in a teaching strategy has been very favourable. Students highly appreciated the role of the quizzes that, with moderate effort, helped keep students up with the subject, strengthened their involvement in other activities, and had a very positive impact on academic outcomes.”
(Journal of Technology and Science Education)

Retrieval aids later retention after playing a quiz

“There is clear evidence from psychological experiments that practicing retrieval of something after learning it, for instance by taking a quiz or test, makes you more likely to retain it for the long term.”
(John Kleeman – Founder and Executive Director at Questionmark)

Helps students engage with course material

“Formative online quizzes have been shown to be useful in helping students engage with course material and provide feedback on their understanding of a topic.”
Professor Simon Parsons – University of Edinburgh

Efficient use of teachers time

“Online quizzes were found to be an effective mechanism for incentivizing student completion of preparatory work, enhancing active learning (such as through in-class discussions), and were relatively time efficient from the perspective of the educator.”
Brian Robert Cook & Andrea Babon – University of Melbourne

As a teacher you can try Education Quizzes for a month free of charge

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