NVR Progression - Fill in the Blank in a 3 x 3 Grid (1)

Example – pick one of the five boxes on the right to fit in the blank box in the diagram on the left.


This is a variation on the previous examples but is almost identical in the sense that you’re following a progression. You just have to help your child get used to the progression working along the horizontal, vertical or even the diagonal rather than just in a straight line.

Let’s look at the possible things we could be looking for – don’t forget to refer back to the list of nine possibilities if you aren’t sure. We could look at the number of items but there seems little to be gained by this as there are four boxes with two in and two with each of one and three items. Let’s look at the shapes and movements instead. Treat each type of shape, regardless of size, as something similar. There are circles in each box – in each row and column there is a small, medium and large one. The one that is missing in the bottom row is a small circle so we can discount ‘e’. The large circles are always central but the medium and small ones seem to be in the top, middle or bottom of the box. There is a little one in the top of the middle top box, while there is one in the middle of the central right box. Therefore it makes sense to have one in the bottom of the blank box so we can discount ‘d’.

Now we can look at the other shapes. The dot-shaded triangles are a red herring as they only run on the diagonal. There appears to be one square in each row or column and there’s no need to put an extra one in. Note that there is one behind the circle in the bottom centre box. That means discounting ‘b’ as neither the row nor column needs an extra square. At this stage your child should either be working out what’s needed or looking at the remaining options and deciding what makes them different. The position of the diamond is the only thing different between choices ‘a’ and ‘c’ so we must look at where it should be. The top row has a diamond on the bottom while the middle row has a diamond in the middle. Therefore we should complete the series by having a diamond at the top. Answer ‘a’.

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