VR - Spotting Anagrams


Which of these words can be made using the same group of letters?

cause course sauce excuse accuse

A good candidate for Eleven Plus should be comfortable creating them. This is a different type of question and one which I have seen on entrance papers to independent schools rather than the standard papers set by Nelson, Bond or CEM.

It is pretty straightforward to answer - the method is really as easy as it looks. Go through every word quickly and see which SEEM to be very similar. A good candidate should be able to spot which ones have a likely connection and count the letters, compare them one letter at a time (being careful with repeated letters) and make a judgement.

For example, the first two words have a visual similarity and a phonic (sound) similarity. However, a quick check shows they have a different number of letters and that is the immediate reason they cannot be anagrams of each other.

Be very careful that your child is aware that words which sound alike are not likely to be right. The 'accept / except' type of word combination is unlikely to be correct and such pairs are put in there to catch out the unwary.

The answer to our question must be 'cause' and 'sauce'; make it clear to your child that this is not a difficult question and the key is to be able to solve it in a few seconds. Take care, look for 'obvious' answers that are traps, and be prepared to tick off letters in each word as you compare them.

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