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VR - Codes Using Letters for Numbers

This article was formerly combined with another which explained how to solve codes involving letters for symbols. To read how to do that, you can look at another new article,VR - Codes Using Letters for Symbols.

Letters for Numbers are another type of code question. Similar to Letters For Letters, they are codes in which numbers are used this time, to represent other letters.

Letters for Numbers are a logic-based question rather than one which needs knowledge of words or of maths. They are similar to a Sudoku puzzle in the sense that you get presented with numbers and yet it needs no mathematics whatsoever.

How Are Letters for Numbers Codes Used In The Exam?

Candidates are shown three four-letter words. They are also shown three sets of four numbers which represent the words in code. They are not told which code represents which word – they have to work that out for themselves. They are then asked to find the code for a fourth word.

This may sound really tricky but, once you know the techniques to solve them, they’re not so hard after all.

Now let’s look at some examples:

Example Question One

These three words are given in code. The order is mixed up.

5431 4621 1234

Find the code for the word DELL.

If you are presented with a multiple-choice answer list then you will be able to find the solution in a different (some might say easier) way. Let's start with the slightly harder 'no choices' situation.

In order to sort out which code goes with which word, see what they have in common. The first two code numbers end in '1' so these must relate to 'CLAD' and 'LIED' as both of these words end in the same letter. This means '1' represents 'D'.

If '1' is 'D', it means '1234' must be the code for 'DEAL'. Now we know 'E' is represented by '2', 'A' by '3' and 'L' by '4'. This is all we need to work out the code for 'DELL' - it must be '1244'.

Now let's look at a slightly quicker method should there be a set of multiple-choice answers provided.

Example Question Two

These three words are given in code. The order is mixed up.

5431 4621 1234

Find the code for the word DELL.

Choose the correct answer:

We immediately know it must end in two of the same number as 'DELL' ends in a double letter. The only possibilities are therefore '1244' and '5422'.

We might then use the previous method to be certain or use a different approach - perhaps we could see that 'L' must be either '2' or '4'. Look at the original codes. Given that 'DEAL' ends in 'L' we would need there to be a '2' at the end of a code but there isn't, so it's not possible that 'L' is '2'. The only possible answer is '1244'.

Sample Tests

So, now that you have learnt how to crack Letter For Number codes in Verbal Reasoning. Hopefully you and our child have the hang of them now, but let’s find out!

The Education Quizzes website has four quizzes on Letter For Number codes. You may find that your child has a natural knack for them, especially if they like the puzzles found in puzzle magazines. If not, teach them the techniques we’ve learned in this lesson and they should soon find them easy to crack.

You’ll find the quizzes in our Eleven Plus Verbal Reasoning section or, alternatively, you can follow these links:

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As always, practise makes perfect, so be sure to try all forty questions. Good luck!

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