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11-Plus Times Tables Quizzes

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Times Tables are a foundation stone in the building of a sound mathematical knowledge - never more so than with the Eleven Plus because questions requiring fast recall of multiplication are inevitable.

If a child has mastered times tables from 2 to 12 then only scant attention needs to be paid to these in preparation for the 11-Plus but if not then the dictate must be practise, practise, practise.

There are several sections of the Education Quizzes website that can help and your attention is drawn to the following:
KS1 Tables
KS2 Tables
KS3 Tables

In addition, playing through the quizzes in the following Maths sections will be extremely beneficial:
KS1 Maths
KS2 Maths

Our Understanding the 11 Plus will take you through the exam process.

Quiz Title Options
2 Times Table 2 Times Table Play
3 Times Table 3 Times Table Play
4 Times Table 4 Times Table Play
5 Times Table 5 Times Table Play
6 Times Table 6 Times Table Play
7 Times Table 7 Times Table Play
8 Times Table 8 Times Table Play
9 Times Table 9 Times Table Play
10 Times Table 10 Times Table Play
11 Times Table 11 Times Table Play
12 Times Table 12 Times Table Play
Times Tables (Mixed) Times Tables (Mixed) Play

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