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Double Up with Division

My boss asked me to stop writing corny maths jokes. I told him I was sorry, but bad jokes are my division.

Why do a lot of maths geniuses wear glasses? They help with division.

What kind of baby does a triangle have? A cute one.

Why is it always so hot in a square room? Because all the corners are 90 degrees.

Division Revision

Division is closely associated with multiplication. For instance if 15 divided by 3 is 5, then it must be that 5 multiplied by 3 is 15. Knowing this helps when working out calculations as it’s a handy check to make sure you are correct.

Playing The Game

The way to get better at anything, including maths and numbers, is to dive in and practise regularly. If you need a little extra help with division, play our game every day for 10 minutes.

Choose your age level, press start and see if you can find the incorrect calculation from a choice of 4. The more answers you get right in a row, the more points you’ll accumulate. See if you can make the leaderboard and climb to the top.

The Boring Bits - Scoring

There are three scores (confusing, huh?):

  1. A session score. This is shown in the purple ‘Current score’ box
  2. A weekly leaderboard score - for subscribers only. This shows the highest scorers of the past 7 days
  3. An overall score - for subscribers only. This is shown in ‘Your Account’


The guys at EQ would love to know what you think of the game. Send an email to our Nerdy Ninjas with any improvements or suggestions (or just to let us know you enjoyed it!).

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