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What Do Children Say About Education Quizzes?

We asked our quiz-players what they thought about Education Quizzes. Below are their comments and feedback.

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What’s Been Said?

  • a great learning very helpful for GCSE and SATs and 11+
  • I loved it, because of this I aced my last with an A+ and the score was 99%
  • Quizzes were fun and I really enjoyed them
  • tells you all the information needed and give you diagrams and pictures to make you understand correctly. Also gives you quizzes so you can test yourself on how you have improved on.
  • this is a great way to learn and revise for GCSE's I LOVE it!

And There’s More…

  • wow! this has so helped me. great explanations and amazing detail . it is an awesome website for every one . yay I am 100% sure this would make a great help to my future exams. can't wait to log back on again for more.
  • Very useful and complete information on one site made me happy. Thank you.
  • A fresh reminder of bodmas and algebra.
  • Great I love education quizzes, it helps sooo much!!!
  • I find it very knowledgeable. I have learnt a lot in just 10 questions asked in the quiz. Amazing

…Last Few

  • i like trying to beat people in spelling game
  • my experience was good it helped me learn my algebra
  • Really good website! Now im feeling much more confident for my 11+ exam this september. Thank you!
  • wow already feeling smarter
  • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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