Reading Comprehension 08
Ho Chi Minh City - home of the Saigon Skydeck.

Reading Comprehension 08

There are many steps that are to be followed if you want to be good at reading comprehension. Here are some of them:

The first thing is the ability to read the text and this means you must know the language. If you don’t know French, it does not make sense to read something that is written in French!

Next is the ability to process what you read. By this we mean that you must use all your learning inside and outside school to relate to the words and sentences written and start making sense out of them. Again, if your skills in vocabulary or your learning are poor you would not be good in reading comprehension because you would waste too much time in processing the information.

Also, the interaction between the words makes you think outside what is written. If you can recognise words rapidly and easily then your understanding is that much faster and better. Your understanding would be better if you have carefully listened to your English teacher and did all the home work properly. The understanding would also be helped by your own experiences.

One other important skill is the ability to make inference. Obviously, the writer is trying to tell you something. You must use all your skills to infer what he is trying to say. More often than not, you tend to read something that you are interested in and have some knowledge about. However, if your reading comprehension skills are good you should be able to infer from any subject that you are being exposed to for the first time. Imagine the following scenario:

You are thrilled when your parents announce that they want to take you on a holiday. They have not told you where they are taking you. But I know where they are taking you. I also know one of the main tourist attractions that you are going to visit. The description is in the text that follows! - Take this quiz and see for yourself how much you can understand about the attraction you are going to visit in your imagination.

Two days are not enough to enjoy this technological and architectural marvel. Bang in the middle of the capital city of Ho Chi Minh City, rises this great edifice, inspired by the lotus, Vietnam’s national flower, to a height of 262 meters. Along the way you will find a heliport and you can see the choppers land and take off. You can buy a ticket to go to the Saigon Skydeck and once you are there, you will literally swoon with ecstasy at the breathtaking 360 degree view of the city. I recommend a visit when the sun is setting so as to catch both day-time and night-time views as well as the sun set. Just as the marvel is classy so are the prices, so be warned. The souvenir shop is adequately stocked to cater to all types of takeaways.
Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of which country?
The capitals of other countries are : Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur; Thailand - Bangkok; Pakistan - Islamabad, though none of these are mentioned in the text
Vietnam's national flower is what?
Pink Rose.
Water Lily.
The national flowers given in the other options belong to the following countries: Bangladesh - Water Lily; Maldives - Pink Rose; Nepal - Rhododendron, although, like the capital cities, none of these are mentioned in the text
What is the attraction the article is describing?
The lotus - the national flower of Vietnam.
A tall Skydeck from where you can see the city.
A heliport where choppers land and take-off.
Vietnam's souvenir shop.
The Skydeck is a tall structure inspired by the lotus flower, the national flower of the country. From atop the Skydeck the view of the city is breathtaking
Where is the Skydeck located?
At the heliport.
At a height of 262 metres.
In the middle of the city.
Near the souvenir shop.
The fact that the Skydeck is located in the middle of the city helps visitors to see the entire city from atop the Skydeck
Why is the writer recommending a visit to the Skydeck when the sun is setting?
Because the lotus looks beautiful at sunset.
Because the sun is nearer at the top.
Because the Skydeck is in the middle of the city.
So as to enjoy day time views, night time views and also the setting sun.
The view of the city from the top is breathtaking and if you go to the top just before the sun sets, you can view the city in natural day conditions, in night time with the city's lights and also the sun setting
Reading from the text, do you think a visit to the Skydeck is expensive, moderately priced, cheap or free?
Moderately priced.
From the text the phrase 'Just as the marvel is classy so are the prices, so be warned' gives us an indication that the visit is bound to be expensive
Which of these statements is false?
The Skydeck has a souvenir shop.
You can see choppers land and take-off.
Entrance to the Skydeck is free.
The sky deck is a technological marvel.
The text indicates that a ticket has to be bought and hence the visit to the Skydeck is not free. What is more, it is expensive
What is meant by 'great edifice'?
A skyscraper.
A very important building.
An old building.
A lotus shaped structure.
Edifice is a building with an aura around it. The Skydeck is a tall structure described as an architectural and technological marvel and it is a special building and qualifies to be called a great edifice
What is meant by '360 degree view'?
A very hot view.
A very cold view.
A view from a height of 360 metres
Complete or all round view.
A circle's full circumference is 360 degrees and hence any view that is complete or all round is considered a 360 degree view. From atop the Skydeck one would be able to see the city from all sides
Which of the following reasons does not contribute to the Skydeck's status as a technological and architectural marvel?
The sun is setting.
It soars to a height of 262 metres.
It is inspired by the lotus.
It offers a 360 degree view of the city.
The sun sets on its own and is not dependent on the Skydeck. All the other options describe why the Skydeck is an architectural and technological marvel
Author:  V T Narendra

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