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Writing 5 - Letter Writing
You might write a letter to a loved one, maybe to thank them.

Writing 5 - Letter Writing

Letter writing is a form of communication where something structured is to be written. It enables the writer and the reader to refer to each other’s communication readily and so be able to retrieve information quickly. Letter writing can be personal letters between loved ones and friends or formal letters between business and commercial entities. Both personal and formal letter writing need to adhere to some particular rules.

When writing a letter a long story does not have to be written. The fact that information is exchanged regularly between the writer and reader should make it clear that brevity, structure, formal words, clarity and chronology are the attributes a letter should possess, particularly in a formal letter. In personal letters both formal words and informal words can be made use of.

Since we are all influenced immensely by the progress made in technology, letter writing has undergone tremendous transformation, especially with the advent of email. Yet despite this the traditional format of writing formal and informal letters continues. You will still have to write a letter when you apply for a job and many people still write to their loved ones. You still have to communicate with your business associates. You still have to make a complaint or file a report. The mode of transmission has now changed to electronic via the Internet rather than a piece of paper being transported to the recipient through the mail/courier, but the general idea has remained the same.

Take this quiz and see if you have lost the touch of letter writing.

'With love' is used in which part of an informal letter?
Since the informal letter is usually written to a loved one you may end with 'With love'. Do not use this ending in a formal letter!
If you didn't know the recipient's name, how would you address the person?
Dear Mr/Mrs.
Dear Sir or Dear Madam.
My dear.
If you knew the name as Gaurav, you could have used Dear Mr Gaurav
In order to have the desired effect on the recipient what should a formal letter be?
In the proper format.
To the point and relevant.
Grammatically correct.
All the above.
Obviously you want a good response to your letter and the recipient must feel that your letter is worth both reading and acting upon. Hence your formal letter must follow all the norms associated with good letter writing
How do you end the main body of a formal letter?
By telling the recipient what he should be doing next.
By talking about the weather in your city.
By talking about the weather in the recipient's city.
By expressing your love for the recipient.
The purpose of the letter is to get action from the recipient and the letter must end with your expectation of what the recipient is expected to do in response to your writing to him
How would you address the recipient of an informal letter?
Dear Mr.
My dear.
Dear Sir/Madam.
Hello Sir/Madam.
Informal letters are usually written to loved ones and it is proper to use 'My dear'
In an informal letter you should do what?
Ignore grammar.
Leave out the date.
Write legibly in simple English.
Since the letter is to inform a loved one, it still needs to be clear and the recipient should understand the letter and hence you must write legibly and use understandable English
In a formal letter what is the name given to the address and date at the top?
The heading in a formal letter usually consists of the address of the letter writer and the date on which the letter was written
The main point is written in which part of a formal letter?
Post script.
After the heading and opening you come to the main points in the body of the letter
What would you say in the opening part of a formal letter?
Ask how good the weather is in the recipient's city.
Talk about how good the weather is in your city.
Ask the recipient if he is hale and hearty.
Inform the recipient why you are writing the letter.
In a formal letter the opening part should come directly to the issue that is the subject matter of the letter
If you didn't know the recipient's name, how would you close the letter?
With love.
Yours sincerely.
Yours faithfully.
Affectionately yours.
If you knew the name of the person, then you would have used 'Yours sincerely'
Author:  V T Narendra

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