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Can My Child Take the 11 Plus?

Let's determine if your children are likely to encounter the 11 Plus. If they are, let's explore whether or not they are eligible to sit it

Can My Child Take the 11 Plus Exam?

The eligibility for your child to take the 11 Plus exam largely depends on your geographical location. It becomes relevant only if you reside in an area where this examination is still employed to assess students' suitability for selective schools.

Selective education is a topic of considerable debate, with different regions in England adopting or rejecting it over the years. To delve deeper into the controversy surrounding the 11 Plus , you can explore our dedicated article on the subject.

Is the 11 Plus Exam Available in My Region?

The availability of the 11 Plus exam varies from one area to another. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward pattern based on county, town, or parliamentary constituency boundaries. Instead, it relies on the decisions of authorities who do not adhere to conventional geographic divisions.

If you live in an area where the 11 Plus exam is relevant, you'll notice that it frequently becomes a subject of discussion among parents and teachers within your school community. It's quite likely that you'll be invited to attend school events where the 11 Plus exam takes centre stage in conversations.

Another giveaway is the presence or absence of grammar schools in your area. If they exist, it's a fair bet that they use the 11 Plus to determine the suitability of students. For an in-depth look at grammar schools local to you, we recommend that you start exploring at 11 Plus Geography - Towns and Regions .

At What Age is the 11 Plus Taken?

The 11 Plus is not like GCSEs that can be taken time and time again until they are passed. Children normally sit the exam when they are 10 or 11. Some schools allow very talented children to apply when they are younger but they are the exception not the rule. When you get to 12 years old, you've missed your chance unless there are exceptional extenuating circumstances!

Do Children Need to Have Attained Any Qualifications Before Sitting the 11 Plus?

Previous academic success is not a requirement. At the time that children take the 11 Plus their main experience of exams is likely to have been their primary school SATs and there is no necessity to have scored well in these.

It's important to note that while some grammar schools consider the 11 Plus as a primary indicator of a child's abilities, it may not be the sole criterion. Occasionally, schools may request an interview or seek evidence of extracurricular activities to assist in evaluating a student's suitability for admission.

Can Individuals with Disabilities Take the 11 Plus?

Educational authorities are required to give equal opportunity for children with physical disabilities to take the 11 Plus.

Can Emotionally Disturbed Children or Those with Special Educational Needs Take the 11 Plus?

Individual schools are at liberty to make their own policies about who they accept as students. Generally schools will try their best to accommodate specialised needs. The main entrance criteria to grammar schools is the child's innate intelligence - please see Why Do Schools Use the 11 Plus

Can My Children Take the 11 Plus Exam If They Are Homeschooled?

Many selective schools are happy to consider applications from homeschooled children. In some cases, parents choose to educate their children at home during primary school years and later decide to register them for the 11 Plus exam, aiming for admission to a grammar school at the age of 12.

It's important to note that there is no legal obligation for selective schools to accept applications from all students, and certain schools may have strict admission policies. If you are considering homeschooling your child during their early education years and have aspirations for them to attend a selective school later, it's essential to carefully review the admission policies of individual schools.

Please see this table that contains clickable links to the pages where schools give their admission policies

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