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Should I Home-School My Child?

You must make sure your child receives a full-time education from the age of five, but you don’t have to send them to school. Around 80,000 children in the UK are currently home-schooled by their parents.

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Home-schooled boy being helped by motherThis comprehensive guide aims to assist you in answering the question: 'Should I home-school my child?' While the ultimate decision rests with you, the information provided in this blog will help inform your choice.

Is School Attendance Compulsory?

It's mandatory to ensure your child receives a full-time education from the age of five, but the obligation to send them to school or strictly follow the National Curriculum does not apply.


Financial Considerations for Home-Schooling

Unlike schools receiving funding from local authorities and central government, home-schooling does not grant you access to the minimum £4,700 per child per year. There are no grants or subsidies available, and home-schooling incurs its own financial costs, including potential expenses for materials and tutoring.

Qualifications for Home-Schooling

You don't need a teaching qualification to home-school. However, your local authority has the right to assess the education you provide, and if found unsatisfactory, they can require your child to attend a school.

Permission and Home-Schooling

You have the right to home-school your child, but notifying the head teacher in writing is necessary if your child is currently in school. Special considerations apply if your child has a statement of educational needs or attends a special school.

Considerations for Home-Schooling

Socialization skills acquired in school are valuable. If choosing home-schooling, ensure access to a supportive networking group for your child's interaction with other children and adults.

If you want your child to sit public exams such as GCSEs or A/S Levels, you will need to register in good time.

Reasons Against Home-Schooling

While home-schooling can be a valid choice, it's crucial to consider reasons against it, such as concerns about bullying, social isolation, tantrums, language barriers, or the potential for faster language acquisition in a school setting.


Reasons For Home-Schooling

Conversely, valid reasons for home-schooling include providing the freedom for your child to explore their passions, offering a higher quality education than local schools, maintaining religious practices, addressing bullying issues, accommodating mild learning difficulties, overcoming disabilities, and catering to shy or sensitive personalities.

Little girl doing work at home with her mother

So, should you home-school your child? Seek advice from fellow home educators and specialist organisations. 'Education Otherwise' is a helpful home-schooling organisation offering support.

Additional Resources and Social Media

Explore local workshops on home-schooling techniques offered by some authorities and engage with home-schooling communities on social media, particularly on Facebook. Additionally, Education Quizzes offers various educational activities based on the national curriculum.

On all social media channels you will find "Groups" dedicated to home schooling.

Various lively groups on Facebook cater to home-schooling parents. Utilize Education Quizzes for educational activities aligned with the national curriculum.

Whether home schooling or traditional schooling, understanding aspects of education is essential. Find answers to your education questions in our Knowledge Bank, featuring articles packed with useful information for parents. Explore tips on parenting, such as keeping children active or ensuring their online safety.


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