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After the Day of the 11 Plus

Navigate 11 Plus results, secondary school choices, appeals, and valuable insights for parents in this comprehensive guide

When Will We Receive the Results for the 11 Plus Exam?

The exam likely took place in September, and the results are expected to be available in October. Your primary school or local education authority might be able to let you have the precise release date.

How Will We Obtain the Results?

Typically, the results are delivered by mail. However, in certain cases, your child may receive a letter at the end of a school day.

How Can I Help Manage My Child's Expectations?

In the period between taking the 11 Plus and 'Results Day,' ensure that your child understands that failing the test is not a catastrophic event. Your love and admiration for them will remain unwavering, regardless of the outcome.

Before the results are announced, take some time to research comprehensive schools in your area online. Gather specific information about schools that might appeal to your child, such as out-of-school clubs matching their interests, excellent sports or music facilities, or a strong track record in GCSEs and A Levels.

What Should I Discuss with My Child if They Did Not Pass?

Your child might be disappointed, sad, angry, or resentful. Here are some topics you might want to address:

The most crucial message to convey is that there is an equal opportunity for success at a comprehensive school as there is at a grammar school. Regardless of the school they attend, they will need to work diligently to achieve good GCSE and A Level results. Achieving success at a comprehensive school offers the same life choices, including university and career paths, as those who passed the 11 Plus.

Many famous people in all walks of life did not pass the 11 Plus. Cliff Richard went on to become a superstar who sold over 21 million records. John Prescott became deputy prime minister, Paul O'Grady became a famous TV presenter, Tom Baker became The Time Lord in Dr Who, and John Godber became one of our greatest playwrights.

Prominent figures like Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Kate Moss, Robbie Williams, Rihanna, Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise, and Whoopi Goldberg left school with few qualifications, underscoring that academic achievement is just a small indicator of potential in life.

There are numerous instances of people who have had a small setback in life that has acted as an inspiration to them and a springboard for great success in the future.

If you did your Internet research (as suggested earlier!), you can discuss the excellent facilities offered by local comprehensive schools and how these schools can provide a more enjoyable long-term experience.

Being known as a kind and friendly person is far more valuable than being labeled as clever.

Some friends may have passed the 11 Plus and may come across as arrogant or condescending. It is crucial for your child to maintain an amicable relationship with these friends and avoid unkindness or resentment. Remember that hard work at a comprehensive school until the age of 18 will place your child on an equal footing with those who passed the 11 Plus.

What Should I Discuss with My Child if They Passed the 11 Plus?

If your child has passed the 11 Plus, here are some things you might like to discuss:

Congratulate your child on their success. Let them know how proud you are of their hard work and dedication leading up to the exam.

Your child might have a mix of emotions, including excitement, relief, and perhaps some anxiety about what comes next, so be reassuring.

Remind your child that while passing the 11 Plus is an accomplishment, it's not the only measure of success in life. Emphasize the importance of hard work, continuous learning, and being a good person.

Let your child know that you are there to support them every step of the way. Ask if there are any specific concerns or questions they have and assure them that you're available to help.

Several friends may not have passed the 11 Plus, and it is essential not to be arrogant or condescending. Be careful not to ruin a friendship just because in one exam, a person achieved better results than another.

What Happens if the Results are Not As Good as I Expected?

There is always an appeals procedure that you can undertake – please see 11-Plus Appeal Procedure. This is invariably a long process that can be disconcerting for children, so give careful consideration before embarking on this route.

How Do I Apply for a Secondary School Place?

Your primary school will almost certainly give you a form to fill in listing your choices of secondary school. You will probably be asked to give 3 choices in order of preference.

Statistics for 2022 show that 94.4% of applicants received an offer from one of their top 3 choices and 83.3% were offered their first choice.

When Do I Apply for a Secondary School Place?

Applications must be in by a given deadline – usually the 31st October. It is essential to get the form in before this date; otherwise, you might not be considered for your top choices of school.

What Are the Selection Criteria at Secondary Schools?

Each school has its own criteria, and priority might be given to a combination of any of the following:

  • Children who live close to the school
  • Children who have a brother or sister at the school already
  • Children who have passed an entrance exam (probably the 11 Plus for grammar schools)
  • Children who went to a particular primary school (a 'feeder school')
  • Children who are eligible for the pupil premium or the service pupil premium
  • Children whose parent has worked at the school for 2 years or more

You can find out the criteria for the individual schools in your area by internet research or by contacting them directly.

When Will I Know Which School My Child Has Been Allocated?

The first day of March is the usual date on which you will be told your allocated school. You can find more details on Government Education Hub.

As soon as possible after you receive your placement details, it is necessary to formally accept the offer. You will receive the form for doing this when you get your offer.

Can I Appeal a Placement Decision?

Yes, as with the 11 Plus, there will be an appeals process in place. Contact your primary school or LEA (Local Education Authority) for details.

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