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KS1 Vocabulary Age 5 Quizzes

Common English words

Enjoyable online practice of Key Stage 1 for children aged 5

Fast and fun quizzes so you can practice the definitions of the most common words in English



If you are in the first year of Key Stage 1 then you need to expand your vocabulary and learn the meanings of as many words as you can. That’s where our super-fast vocabulary quizzes come in. They are a great way to learn new words and to find out what they mean.

In each quiz we will give you a definition (meaning) of a word and ask you to choose which one of four possible choices it describes. It’s a fun and easy way to learn as many words (and their meanings) as you can.

The words we’ve chosen are the most commonly used ones in the English language so you will come across them very often indeed. That being the case, it is important that you know exactly what they mean.

We have quizzes on different types of words including adjectives, nouns, and verbs, so you can quickly find which words you want to learn. They are a fun way to learn and make it easier to understand when you read from a book. Why not try them out? We’re sure you will like learning with Education Quizzes.

Quiz Title Options
Children wearing the same dress Adjectives 01 (Age 5) - Including same and different Play
Wooden cabin beside mountains Adjectives 02 (Age 5) - Including whole and level Play
Child eating chocolate Adjectives 03 (Age 5) - Including top and able Play
An old and tired dog Adjectives 04 (Age 5) - Including major and main Play
Family enjoying Christmas Adjectives 05 (Age 5) - Including difficult and easy Play
Hikers crossing river by rickety bridge Adjectives 06 (Age 5) - Including true and final Play
Homemade robot Adjectives 07 (Age 5) - Including various and simple Play
Dark and spooky mansion Adjectives 08 (Age 5) - Including modern and previous Play
Child wearing woolly hat Adjectives 09 (Age 5) - Including serious and appropriate Play
Child helping in garden Adjectives 10 (Age 5) - Including basic and average Play
Mushroom pizza Adjectives 11 (Age 5) - Including extra and fast Play
Strongman lifting stone Adjectives 12 (Age 5) - Including primary and essential Play
Child sleeping in garden Adjectives 13 (Age 5) - Including relevant and fair Play
Adjectives 14 (Age 5) - Including regular and correct Adjectives 14 (Age 5) - Including regular and correct Play
Man loading washing machine Adjectives 15 (Age 5) - Including equal and senior Play
Nouns 01 (Age 5) - Including course and group Nouns 01 (Age 5) - Including course and group Play
Children in countryside Nouns 02 (Age 5) - Including school and term Play
Female florist Nouns 03 (Age 5) - Including idea and subject Play
A fast train Nouns 04 (Age 5) - Including rate and reason Play
A snake with fangs Nouns 05 (Age 5) - Including figure and value Play
Futuristic flying car Nouns 06 (Age 5) - Including activity and class Play
Children playing hockey Nouns 07 (Age 5) - Including language and team Play
Child's foot treading on toy Nouns 08 (Age 5) - Including role and project Play
Model aeroplane being constructed Nouns 09 (Age 5) - Including structure and game Play
Child and father playing board game Nouns 10 (Age 5) - Including total and quality Play
Child in meadow with hay fever Nouns 11 (Age 5) - Including opportunity and scheme Play
A jaguar Nouns 12 (Age 5) - Including purpose and factor Play
Odd looking gadget Nouns 13 (Age 5) - Including basis and knowledge Play
Successful child with trophy Nouns 14 (Age 5) - Including heart and success Play
An oak tree in autumn Nouns 15 (Age 5) - Including attention and effort Play
Child reading bedtime story with mother Nouns 16 (Age 5) - Including story and skill Play
Stinging nettles Nouns 17 (Age 5) - Including title and comment Play
Child being marked on addition test Nouns 18 (Age 5) - Including access and addition Play
Child standing on one leg Nouns 19 (Age 5) - Including direction and goal Play
Child walking dog on beach in evening Nouns 20 (Age 5) - Including pupil and ability Play
Child swimming in race Nouns 21 (Age 5) - Including competition and sentence Play
Child learning about Spain Nouns 22 (Age 5) - Including challenge and memory Play
Happy children in the snow Nouns 23 (Age 5) - Including science and solution Play
Teddy bear holding get well soon card Nouns 24 (Age 5) - Including focus and scale Play
Green finch Nouns 25 (Age 5) - Including objective and content Play
Child holding fluffy slippers Nouns 26 (Age 5) - Including partner and pair Play
Jets giving an air show Nouns 27 (Age 5) - Including cash and contrast Play
A burglar at night time Nouns 28 (Age 5) - Including block and ball Play
A sleeping cat Nouns 29 (Age 5) - Including library and truth Play
Child reading book outdoors Nouns 30 (Age 5) - Including candidate and credit Play
Teacher marking homework Nouns 31 (Age 5) - Including meaning and understanding Play
Child holding fresh eggs in hands Nouns 32 (Age 5) - Including impact and agent Play
Child wearing glasses Nouns 33 (Age 5) - Including sight and safety Play
Child doing karate Nouns 34 (Age 5) - Including expert and reality Play
Child picking flowers in spring Nouns 35 (Age 5) - Including university and tour Play
Nouns 36 (Age 5) - Including guide and sum Nouns 36 (Age 5) - Including guide and sum Play
Art gallery entrance Nouns 37 (Age 5) - Including introduction and author Play
A child's drawing of a house Nouns 38 (Age 5) - Including manner and meal Play
Child with private tutor Nouns 39 (Age 5) - Including improvement and college Play
Hand feeling soft silk Verbs 01 (Age 5) - Including show and must Play
Sweets for Halloween Verbs 02 (Age 5) - Including form and set Play
A bus at a bus stop Verbs 03 (Age 5) - Including play and write Play
A plate of chocolate brownies Verbs 04 (Age 5) - Including plan and study Play
Neon sign saying 'psychic' Verbs 05 (Age 5) - Including sort and stand Play
A starry night sky Verbs 06 (Age 5) - Including mind and require Play
Verbs 07 (Age 5) - Including read and develop Verbs 07 (Age 5) - Including read and develop Play
Children watching gorilla in a zoo Verbs 08 (Age 5) - Including speak and design Play
Cutting wrapping paper with scissors Verbs 09 (Age 5) - Including grow and build Play
Futuristic spacecraft Verbs 10 (Age 5) - Including learn and describe Play
Children flying a kite Verbs 11 (Age 5) - Including test and rule Play
A cute kitten Verbs 12 (Age 5) - Including benefit and explain Play
A child's hand playing with a toy car Verbs 13 (Age 5) - Including measure and choose Play
Child playing with model helicopter Verbs 14 (Age 5) - Including achieve and supply Play
Child playing with a ball Verbs 15 (Age 5) - Including discuss and represent Play
Child learning to play violin Verbs 16 (Age 5) - Including mark and enjoy Play
Child eating a piece of pie Verbs 17 (Age 5) - Including train and improve Play
A starling on a fence Verbs 18 (Age 5) - Including identify and express Play
Child riding bike Verbs 19 (Age 5) - Including publish and obtain Play
Lady putting coins in piggy bank Verbs 20 (Age 5) - Including gain and encourage Play
Sleeping lions Verbs 21 (Age 5) - Including check and transfer Play
Children playing with a frisbee Verbs 22 (Age 5) - Including reflect and assume Play

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