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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Workplace Stereotypes
Hairdressers can be men or women.

Breaking the Mould – Age 7-11

Deciding what we want to do as a career is something KS2 aged children will have started to think about. This PSHE quiz, written for children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6, is all about workplace stereotypes. It is important that children learn that their gender is irrelevant when it comes to work. Aspirations need not be limited by sex.

Long, long ago, all nurses were women and all doctors were men. That was so long ago that children were having to work too! We have long since moved away from such primitive roles. If you are a boy it’s OK to be a dancer or a cook, and girls can be engineers or builders too.

Nowadays men and women can do any job they set their minds to. However, some people still hang on to their belief that some jobs should only be done by one gender. We call these views “prejudice”.

Brendan wants to be a dress designer when he grows up. Some of his friends laugh at him and say that this is a job for girls. What should Brendan do?
Keep his wish to be a dressmaker secret from his friends
Find new friends
Change his plan and find a new career which excites him
Forget his dream of being a dressmaker
If Brendan’s friends were true then they would support him in whatever role he wanted. Sometimes our friends can say cruel and hurtful things to us. If they do, then we have to ask ourselves whether or not they are really our friends
Which of these is NOT a stereotype?
Women make better carers than men
Women are just as good as men
Women are tidier than men
Women are only concerned with their appearance
Because they are mothers, women have traditionally been seen as better carers than men. But that is not true. Men can make excellent carers.
Another stereotype is that women are tidy but men are messy. Again, this varies form person to person rather than gender to gender.
Many people think that women are only concerned with their appearance. That is not true at all. There are some vain women, but there are just as many vain men!
“Prejudice” is a word which describes something bad. What does “prejudice” mean?
A comment which is deliberately hurtful to someone
A bully
A wrong opinion, based on little knowledge
A thief
Prejudice is an opinion which has already formed. It is always wrong and is based on false information or no information at all. You may have heard words like “sexist” or “racist”. These are both kinds of prejudice and we should be careful we are not prejudiced ourselves
People often think that all nurses are female or all builders are men. But this is wrong. What do we call such ideas?
Once, long ago, these roles would have been filled by only one gender. But, just as children no longer have to work, the types of people who can do certain jobs has changed
Which of these is NOT a stereotype?
Men and women are equal
Men are stronger than women
Men are cleverer than women
Men who cry are weak
Men are not necessarily stronger than women. Some women have very active jobs which make them strong, or might go to a gym.
Men and women are just as clever as each other. Gender does not make any difference.
Crying from time to time is actually good for you. So perhaps men who do not cry are actually weaker than those who do!
Which of these jobs is traditionally done by a male?
Shop checkout worker
Football coach
Waiting staff
Football was, for a long time, the reserve of men. However, women are now becoming valued parts of the coaching staff, even in men’s teams.
There is no reason why a woman could not go on to manage a top-flight football team
Which of these jobs is traditionally done by a woman?
Lorry driver
Long ago all doctors were men but women have been doing the job for over 100 years. Lorry drivers were mostly male too, but women can do the work just as well.
Whatever job you want to do, whether you are male or female, you have an equal chance of getting
Jane and Harry are married and have had a baby. One of them needs to give up work to stay at home and look after the child. Who should do that?
They should talk about it and decide
Both of them
It used to be the case that women stayed at home to look after children while their husbands went out to work. That is not how it has to be. Nowadays there are many working mothers and stay-at-home fathers. Each family is free to make this decision for themselves
Lucy wants to be an engineer. On her first day in college she finds out she is the only girl on the course. What should she do?
Leave the class and go back home
Change the course to one with more girls in it
Keep to herself and not talk to any of the boys
Carry on with the course and try to make friends
It might feel a little bit scary, if you are the only boy or girl in a class. It needn’t. Engineers can be male or female, just like nurses, fashion designers or racing drivers
After school, Sam wants to be a hairdresser. Is Sam a boy or a girl?
Sam is a girl. Only girls are hairdressers
Sam is a boy. Boys can be hairdressers too
Sam is a boy. He should choose another career
Sam could be a boy or a girl. It’s OK for either to be a hairdresser
The name “Sam” could belong to a boy or a girl. Likewise, a hairdresser can be either a boy or a girl. From the information it is impossible to know whether Sam is male or female. The paint is, for Sam’s chosen career, it does not matter
Author:  Graeme Haw

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