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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Enterprise
Do you have the qualities of an entrepreneur?

Enterprise - Age 11-14

As they approach the later years of school children in KS3 will be considering their futures and possible careers. The topic is one covered considerably in PSHE lessons. Which subjects to choose for GCSE, and whether college or an apprenticeship will best suit them for example. Another career avenue is becoming an entrepreneur. For budding businessmen, this quiz looks at some of the qualities required to engage in enterprise.

What makes for a good and successful businessman or woman? Rather than academic qualifications there are certain character traits which are essential in the world of enterprise. Are you suited to the life of an entrepreneur? This quiz will show you some of the qualities you will need to succeed in the world of enterprise.

If you want to come up with an idea for a new business which of these skills is most important?
Being able to get a loan from a bank
Being able to manage your employees
Being able to see a gap in the market
Being able to manufacture a product
The most important attribute for any new business is that it can fill a gap in the market. This means providing a product or service that people want, and cannot get now. That way your business should make a profit
Which of these people would make the better entrepreneur?
Someone who likes taking risks
Someone who is cautious and careful
Someone who likes to be told what to do
Someone who is stubborn and set in their ways
Founding a business is a risky business. Many, many new businesses fail in their first year. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to be brave enough to take risks
Why is communication a valuable skill for an entrepreneur?
So they can present their ideas to investors
So that they can give clear instructions to associates
So they can form strong business contacts
All of the above
Being a good communicator means being able to persuade people to give a better deal, to invest in their idea or understand exactly what is required
Which of these attributes would be most useful in an entrepreneur?
Businesses may face many setbacks. To be successful an entrepreneur must have perseverance and determination. The other three may be useful but perseverance is more important
Which skill would allow a business to decide the right price for their product or service?
Time management
Businesses must be able to find the right price for their product or service. One which will make them a profit but will also sell. This is marketing
Being able to prioritise would mean you would…
… get the most important tasks done first
… recognise your most important worker
… become the most successful business
… make the maximum profit
A priority is the most important goal. There may be many tasks which need to be completed. Some are less important than others. Prioritising them means doing them in order from most, to least, important
Why is confidence a good trait for an entrepreneur?
So that they can make difficult decisions
So that they can believe in their product / service
So that their associates will believe in them
All of the above
Confidence and self-esteem are very valuable if you want to run your own business. If you don’t believe in yourself then why should anybody else?
Which of these skills is necessary to inspire employees?
The best leaders inspire their followers. Like generals or politicians, entrepreneurs must be able to get people behind them
Which of these skills would not be of much use to an entrepreneur?
Time management
Money management
Sock management
Man management
Being able to manage money, time and people are all valuable skills in business. Being able to manage socks might give you tidy drawers and avoid odd pairs, but not much else!
Networking is helpful to entrepreneurs. What is networking?
Meeting other business owners
Creating links with other business owners
Sharing ideas with other business owners
All of the above
Networking helps to stay up to speed on the world of business, meet potential partners or associates and exchange ideas and support
Author:  Graeme Haw

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