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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Need or Want
Is a new bike a "need" or a "want"?

Need or Want? – Age 5-7

In this PSHE quiz, written for children in KS1, we look at the difference between needs and wants. There are several things we all need to have, and countless things we may want to have. Learning how to tell which is which is vital for young children and this quiz should help.

Can you think of anything you want to have? I expect you can think of lots and lots. What about things you need? Aren’t they the same thing? Well no, they are not. Things we need are necessary to live comfortably, like food and clothes. Things we want we can live without, like toys or sweets.

This quiz will test you on needs and wants. Let’s see how well you can tell which is which. Good luck!

Sometimes “wants” become “needs”. Which of these would be a reason you “need” a car?
To get to places quickly
To impress your friends
To get to work every day
To take you on holiday
We need to earn money to pay for our needs and our wants. If there is no public transport to work then a car becomes a “need” rather than a “want”
Sometimes we have to do without the things we want in order to buy the things we need. Which of these would you have to do without if you could only afford to buy three?
Dentist appointment
A mobile phone
Optician appointment
A bed
Mobile phones may seem important nowadays but we do not “need” them. Sleep and healthcare are much more important
Why might a computer be a “need” rather than a “want”?
You need it to help with your homework
You need it to use social media
You need it to watch Netflix
You need it to play online games
When you are older you will have a lot of homework to do. Researching things ion the internet might help you with that. There are computers you can use for free in libraries but having your own would be much easier
Why might electricity be a “need” rather than a “want”?
You need it to charge your phone
You need it to warm your home
You need it to power your TV
You need it to power your hairdryer
Phones, TVs and hairdryers are “wants” rather than needs – we can do without them. We have to keep ourselves warm though so using electricity to warm our homes would be a “need”
Which of these options is a “need”?
Food and water
All of the above
Without sleep, food and water we would die. Shelter is a “need” too. Without homes to protect us from the cold and the wet we would die too
What is a “need”?
Something that would make your life easier
Something you would like to have
Something you must have in order to live
Something that is free
A need is something that is necessary to stay alive and to stay healthy. If you do not have all your needs you would become unhealthy and possibly die
What is a “want”?
Something you must have in order to live
Something you would like to have
Something that is expensive
Something that is free
A want is something that you would like to have but you do not need it to stay alive and to stay healthy. If you do not have all your wants you would remain healthy and stay alive
Stacey wants a new bike but cannot afford it. What is the best way for her to get a bike?
Steal the bike from a shop
Borrow the money to buy a bike
Do without food for a week to buy the bike
Save up her spare money every week until she has enough
Stealing is always wrong. Doing without food would be very unhealthy. Adults sometimes borrow money to pay for things but saving money up is a much better option
Three of the items below are “needs” and one is a “want”. Which one is a “want”?
Fizzy drink
Fruit and veg
Without air we would die very quickly, and without water we would die after a few days. Fruit and veg are necessary parts of a balanced diet. The only thing on the list we could do without is a fizzy drink, so it is a “want” and not a “need”
Three of the items below are “wants” and one is a “need”. Which one is a “need”?
A car
A holiday
A television
Cars, holidays and televisions are nice to have and they make our lives better, but people can live quite happily without them. We all need clothes though so these are a “need” rather than a “want”
Author:  Graeme Haw

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