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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Social Media and Career
Social media can be a help or a hindrance when it comes to work.

Social Media and Career – Age 14-16

Children in KS4 are drawing ever closer to starting their careers. To reflect that PSHE lessons for this age group include much material on that topic. In this quiz, written for students in years 10 and 11, we look at how our online presence can affect our careers both positively and negatively.

The internet has changed the world. Decades ago recruiters had only references and CVs to go on when deciding who to invite for an interview. That has all changed and now most will search for prospective candidates online. Because of that we need to think carefully about what we post on social media.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. You can use your online presence to put forward a good impression of yourself. This quiz will help.

If they were all equally talented, which of the following candidates would be most likely to be invited to a job interview?
One with their own website
One who has a Linkedin account
One who has a Facebook account
One with no online presence
Almost half of employers search online for their potential candidates. If they cannot find you they are unlikely to employ you.
Facebook / Twitter accounts are the most common social media. Linkedin is a more professional site commonly viewed by employers. Having your own website, as long as it looks professional, gives the best impression – especially for an IT position
Which of these would not be seen as a bad thing by potential employers?
Informal writing
Poor grammar
Bad punctuation
Incorrect spellings
Social media is, for the most part, a relaxed place where you are not judged for your writing skills. However, an employer would put a bad mark against your name if they saw it. Informal writing, as long as it is spelt and punctuated correctly, is nothing bad
You post a picture of yourself on social media wearing fancy dress and looking a bit silly. Which audience should you not share the picture with?
Close friends
One aspect of social media is to share fun pictures of ourselves with our friends. This is fine, but be careful who can see them. Someone in fancy dress looks a lot less professional than someone in a suit
If you have an argument with your boss which of the following should you not do?
Send a private message to your best friend about it
Don’t mention it on social media
Post on social media how much you dislike him
Post about it but only to your friends and family
We all have bad experiences at work from time to time but we should not talk about them in public. If you do then potential future employers can see it and this will damage your employment opportunities
Which of these would be frowned upon by any potential employer?
References to drugs
Racist / sexist / homophobic language
References to drunken behaviour
All of the above
If your prospective employer believes that you are a drunkard, a drug user or a bigot then they will never invite you to an interview
Which of these is not an advantage of social media?
It allows you to search for jobs for free
It allows you to show your whole personality to employers
It allows you to contact potential employers
It allows you to present a good impression of yourself
Social media lets us talk to people we would never meet in real life. That lets us connect with people who may help our careers, and it is free. Be careful what you post though. Always give a positive impression and keep negative parts of your personality private
Which of these should you not do with your CV?
Keep it up to date
List your qualifications
List your hobbies
List your past and current jobs
Your social media presence and your CV must match. If you have a Linkedin profile (a good idea if you are looking for a job) make sure it aligns with your CV. If the two do not match it can make you appear sloppy or, even worse, a liar.
Hobbies are not something that employers are interested in. Not unless they are relevant to the job. For example, if you make radios for fun then that would help in an electrical-based job. But birdwatching or trainspotting would not
Which of these should you not post to public view on social media?
Pictures of your dog
Pictures from a drunken night out
Pictures of your deceased grandma
Pictures from a day trip
Much of social media is about things personal to us, so be sure to keep personal things private. Employers will not be offended by pictures of your family, your pets or happy days out, but if they see you at your worst that may well put them off hiring you
Which of these would least impress a potential employer if they searched for you online?
Charity work
Membership of a dating site
Current position
There is nothing wrong with being a member of a dating site, however the other options are much more impressive. After all, anybody can join a dating site but few engage in charity work.
Blogging, so long as you do not have controversial opinions, is a good thing and your current position lets your employer know some of your experience
Which of the following should you not do if you are offered a job?
Ask your employer before you post it
Keep it to yourself
Post about it but only to your friends and family
Publicly post it on social media
Believe it or not, people have lost their jobs for posting anything to do with work on social media. Even if only your friends can see it, make sure that none of them work for the company or you may be sacked before you start
Author:  Graeme Haw

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