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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Suitable Jobs
What skills would make a good pilot?

Suitable Jobs - Age 5-7

For KS1 aged children, the world of work and career is still a long way off. Nevertheless, they will be forming their first ideas about the jobs they would like in the future. In this PSHE quiz, written specifically for children in years 1 and 2, we look at some of the strengths and interests someone might need to do different jobs.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Don’t worry – you still have plenty of time to decide. Did you know that some people are better suited to different types of work? Every one of us has some things we are good at, and some interests which might be useful in our careers.

This quiz will show you some of the skills, knowledge and interests which will be useful in different jobs. Have a go and see what sort of career might suit you best.

Which of these skills would you need if you wanted to be a pilot?
Good at geography
Good at art
Good at sports
Good at music
To be a pilot, navigating over the Earth, you would need to be good at geography. You would also need to be able to read instruments and control an aeroplane so maths and science would be necessary too
Which of these jobs would you need to be strong in order to do?
Fire fighter
All of the above
Builders carry heavy things like bricks, while nurses and fire fighters both need to be able to lift people
If you like to look after others, which of these jobs might suit you best?
A footballer
A builder
A nurse
An architect
The main role of a nurse is to look after other people, so if you like to do that then you would probably make a good nurse
If art is your favourite school subject, which of these jobs might you like the most?
Shop assistant
Fire fighter
Sculptors create art in the form of statues. If you like art then you might prefer a creative job, like sculptor, potter or metalsmith
An archaeologist is someone who digs very old things out of the ground to learn about the past. Which subject would they most need to be interested in to do that job?
History is all about the people who lived in the past. Archaeologists need to be very interested in history
If you were interested in biology and had a kind personality, which of these jobs might you be suited to?
A plumber
A doctor
A lawyer
A politician
Doctors need to understand how the body works so biology is essential. They also need to care about people and want to help them so being kind would help
If you want to be a writer when you grow up, which of these should you be best at?
English teaches us how to write well. If you want to write things that others will enjoy reading, then you need to be good at English
If you like learning foreign languages, which of these might be a good job for you?
Police officer
Train driver
Translators help people who speak different languages to talk to each other. If you speak two languages well then you can translate one to another
Some jobs are very hard to become a professional in. Which of these would you need to be very lucky, as well as very skilled, to do?
All of the above
For every successful singer, actor or footballer, there are thousands of people who fail. Not because they don’t have talent, but because they are never spotted by talent scouts
If you are patient, good with children and know a lot of things, which of these jobs would suit you best?
Helicopter pilot
Refuse collector
Lorry driver
Teachers have to know a lot of things. They also have to like children and be very patient
Author:  Graeme Haw

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